Here are some basic examples of webapps for beginners

What is the app format accepted by OmniSD?

OmniSD accepts app packages in the .zip format. An archive must contain file (with the actual WebIDE-compatible KaiOS/FFOS app), update.webapp file (can be empty but must be present) and metadata.json file in the following format:

{"version": 1, "manifestURL": "app://[your_app_id]/manifest.webapp"},

where [your_app_id] has to be replaced with the actual ID (origin) of your app registered in the manifest, and manifest.webapp has to be renamed if it's called differently in the archive. Other than that, the application structure in must match the general KaiOS and Firefox OS app structure (see for more details).

How to start the structure?

The application structure is started through a parameter of the manifest.webapp file, choose one:

  1. start_url, requires a link to start an online service (example 1);
  2. launch_path, requires an HTML file (generally named index.html) contained in the specified path (generally in the main folder) and in which the functions and calls to the individual components of the application are indexed (examples 2 and 3).

Models of packages for OmniSD

Example 1: WebWrapper

a simple fullscreen shortcut that works without the browser (hosted app), just like the built in Google Maps and Twitter. Everyone can do this with its website. You need only the manifest.webapp file.Common, simple and lightweight with cursor function, but not a complete app. It needs internet to work online. Here a video tutorial on how it works.

Example 2: Shortcut to the browser

This opens a website using the built in browser. It includes a Javascript file (main.js) that will be called from the index.html file, that is called from the "launch_path" of the manifest.webapp file. This is a basic example to start learning about Javascript and starting to create an offline app. Here a video tutorial.

Example 3: Offline

This is a basic structure (empty enough) to complete with a complete app to make it work on OmniSD. If you want to learn more, here are some useful links: