Warning: installing a custom ROM on your device prevents the installation of official OTA updates. In case they are detected by the custom ROM, avoid installing them. Restores a clean image of the system to avoid unpleasant surprises. READ ABOUT BACKUP BEFORE!

Edit your own build from PC

If you wont customizing your /system directly on your device you can do this directly from your PC! Just open a shell with ROOT privileges:

1. If you are using linux just create a mount point first, for example in /mnt/img

mkdir /mnt/img

2. Now mount a copy of your system.img and mount it in the already created folder

mount -o loop /home/USERNAME/system.img /mnt/img

3. Begin your customizations by editing, removing and replacing files on the custom rom. For example, if you want to put an ADblock or a customized stock app you can do, from terminal:

cp -Rf /home/USERNAME/ /mnt/img/b2g/webapps/
cp -Rf /home/USERNAME/hosts /mnt/img/etc/

4. To unmount the your own customized system.img file use this command

umount /mnt/img/

5. Test your custom ROM on the device, but not before making a backup!

Do a backup of your partitions
Add test keys on your recovery.img
Add ADB ROOT on your boot.img

How to install a Custom ROM

Here are two kinds of ROM. To install both you always need a custom recovery from which you can restore in case of device malfunctions:

  • installer, you have just to put the file on your SD card and starting the update from Recovery (GerdaOS is the only installer available for now);
  • system.img, the ROM's file must be named in this way. Put it near RestoreSystem by AdvancedHACKERniV1 on the SD card and flash it (VIDEO). This kind of rom can be installed also using the dd command from Recovery Mode with the right permissions.

If we put the custom system.img file on the SD card the commands to get a backup file (system-backup.img) and to flash the new ROM will be:

dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system of=/sdcard/system-backup.img bs=2048
dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system

Remember to have disabled the Recovery's integrity test on your ROM, so that it is not replaced at the first boot. To restore the clean system-backup.img file created you can use the command:

dd if=/sdcard/system-backup.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system

or follow the complete guides here.


for Nokia 8110 4G


Firmware v12 or GerdaOS installed, or at least a v13 or newer with the right Recovery


installer privacy, security and freedom to control everything about your own device!


system.imgfor all the countries without official updates:- APIs (v16)- webapps (v16)- adblock- removable apps

v12 Color

system.img- coloured icons- no demo games- APIs (v13)- webapps (v13)- multitasking- screenshots- adblock

for Jio Phone


Flash tools in EDL mode, cooperators, passion, seriousness and desire to free the Lyf devices!

Do you want to add new custom ROMs for your device?