by AdvancedHACKERniV1

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it's important to know the basic commands

a custom one is what you need for this guide

As we have seen on the Repair all page, an error that often occurs when you don't have a "pure" KaiOS device with clean and untouched partitions is the OTA update that returns an error in the form of a log. If all you have done is tho modify only the system partition, most likely it will only be the partition to be replaced.

This can happen because the deeper changes that we make to our device generally affect only this ROM (an extreme jailbreak, removing internal files and applications, add an ADblock, removing the integrity check for the Recovery, change the color of the stock application icons, integrate extra functions all inside the system...).

Custom ROMs in most cases concern changes made only to the system partition (there are also cases where multiple partitions are modified, but refer to another guide on this topic).

To correct this error using a custom Recovery, just place our system partition clean dump on the sd card together with this powerful tool,

The installation takes place, as always, by selecting from Recovery:

  • "Apply update from SD card >"
Here's how system.img and must be placed on the sd card

In this way we will be ready every time to restore the system ROM in the stock version in case we are notified of the presence of a new update (maybe if we are not at home).

Remember that when your system comes back clean, it will automatically reinstall a stock Recovery, then you will need to reinstall a custom one again.

If this guide did not solve your problem and updates continue to report errors in the form of logs, most likely you need to restore multiple partitions at once. Switch to the other guide: