Introduction: find the error

An error that often occurs when you don't have a "pure" 8110 is the OTA update that returns an error in the form of a log.

You can read the logs in three ways:

1) From adb shell, as root, we can read the logs list with the following command:

  • ls /cache/recovery

Usually the errors are listed in the last_log file, you can read it in this way, ar root:

  • more /cache/recovery/last_log

2) From Recovery Mode select "view recovery logs";

3) Copy the cache partition with this command, as root:

  • dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/cache of=/sdcard/cache.img bs=2048

Most of the time the error concerns a faulty partition like this in the picture.

Useless to replace it with the command to the system started, there could be a partition that restores it (for example aboot.img and abootbak.img).



by Purishnit

This very useful tool allows you to customize a multiple flashing scheme of partitions on your device, using the commands mentioned in the main page of this section.

  1. Download and by PuriShnit
  2. Edit the with the right dump.img FILENAME position and the name of the right PARTITION we want to overwrite in this way:
/tmp/busybox dd if=/sdcard/FILENAME of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/PARTITION

For example, if we have our dumps (after used in /sdcard/dumps and we want to restore /system and /userdata we have to edit in this way:

/tmp/busybox dd if=/sdcard/dumps/system.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/system
/tmp/busybox dd if=/sdcard/dumps/userdata.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata

3. Before running from Recovery Mode, mount /system. The waiting time depends on the sizes of the files you want to flash, obviously.

Repair all for Nokia 8110 4G

This package is based on Purishnit's 4bash and has been pre-compiled for Nokia 8110 4G, but should work for other devices as well. It consists of:

  1., which you will need to boot from recovery;
  2., which I have already compiled for you on a v12 firmware;
  3. "new-dumps", that is an empty folder in which you will have to insert your clean dumps (or get them from here).

I have compressed everything into a 7z archive to avoid having it run by Recovery Mode, because I know that many of you don't read the instructions ;)

Below I attach how to place them exactly on the SD card, along with the .7z file to be unpacked.


  • Use clean dumps for your firmware version only (13 with 13, 12 with 12 and so on),
  • don't change if you don't know exactly what you're doing
  • make sure that the listed partitions are present in the "new-dumps" folder.


by AdvancedHACKERniV1

This is a quick solution for those who want to replace only the system partition, especially if you want to install a custom ROM.

Put the system image that must be named system.img (if the name is different rename it) on the SD card near, then flash it from Recovery Mode.