February 20, 2017: Richard Winger, the preeminent national expert on ballot access laws and author of Ballot Access News, has endorsed passage of Maryland's HB 707, which amends one way a political party can retain its status (and thus maintain ballot access for its candidates). The bill replaces the 1% of registered voters requirement with a flat 10,000 affiliated registrants for a party to retain its status. If the bill passes, the proposed party retention standard would match the 10,000 number used for petitioning to start a party.

Thank you to Richard Winger

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February 2, 2017: Our bill, HB 707, has been filed and assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee.

You can read the bill on our Legislation Page.

January 9, 2017: FairVote Action endorses passage of our bill!

You can read FairVote Action's letter to the Maryland General Assembly below. Thank you to Fair Vote for supporting this important cause.