Ballina Ocean Pool


The Ballina Ocean Pool Committee was formed in 2015 to turn the idea of an ocean pool at Shelly Beach Ballina into reality. It is an incorporated community group of local professionals that include an Engineer (structural), Builder, Solicitor, Councillor (local government), Planner, and Construction professional. The proposed location is on the rock shelf between Lighthouse Beach and Shelly Beach.

The committee’s aim is to complete all the necessary planning reports This Year. The Development Application will be assessed by Ballina Shire Council. The construction costs are expected to be met through State Government Grants and/or community/corporate sponsors. The pool is expected to be built in either 2018/2019.


The current plan is for a 50m x 25m pool that interacts with the ocean (tidal flushing). The bottom of the pool will be the existing rock platform. The rock shelf has a natural gradient of 1.5 metres so there will be a shallow section and a deeper section for lap swimming and for kids to snorkel. The design will include an access ramp so that people of all ages and abilities can safely enter the pool. The concrete pool structure will have basalt rocks on the outside to help the pool to blend into the natural environment. There will most likely be a safety rail or chain around the outside.


The Ballina Ocean Pool will be an asset for the community of Ballina. It will be open all year, be free of charge, and will provide a safe ocean swimming experience for the young and the old and everyone in between.