Thank you!

Our grand total of funds raised is $15,745.59!

The Winning Classrooms at each school were Mrs. Ford's class (West) and Mr. Fjelland's class (East).

The school with the most donations was Ballard West, which means the students got to enjoy as Mr. Manock was turned into an ice cream sundae!

Thank you to everyone who donated money, supplies, or time to our event. Thank you to our Community Supporters, teachers, staff, and principals for helping facilitate our obstacle course. And thank you to the Ballard Elementary Students who were amazing ninjas and did awesome on our Ninja Warrior course on October 15 and 16. You all made this an amazing event and a successful fundraiser!

Thank you to the local businesses that supported our fundraiser through donations of supplies or funds:

Thank you to Mr. Manock for being such a good sport and to all the teachers and staff at both schools that encouraged the students to participate and share information about our fundraiser!

The funds raised (after Pledgestar and Paypal fees) will be used for:

~Playground improvements at both East and West (final items TBD, but ideas include hard surface painting, fencing, basketball hoops, soccer goals, etc).

~Funding the PTO activities for 2019-2020

The final budgeting of these funds will be discussed and approved at upcoming PTO meetings and the results will be available through the PTO meeting minutes, which are posted at and emailed out to our email list.

Photo credit: Kristy Miller
Photo credit: Kristy Miller
Photo credit: Megan Buttz
Photo credit: Megan Buttz