Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors in Need

COVID-19 Food Drives

We still have open spots - Help feed Ballantyne families in need for December

Please help provide food assistance to 90+ Ballantyne CMS families and staff in need that have been identified by school counselors. Please join us in sponsoring a family in need for this November and December by visiting: by Dec. 2nd to sign up & learn more!

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Sponsor a family for December - We still have open spots in the sign up! Please read above for more information

  • Looking for logo development for Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors In Need - We need help developing a logo for our organization that we can use for all communication. If you or you know someone who might be able to help, please reach out to Heather McAfee at and she will provide you with an overview of what we are looking for. Would love to get all ideas by December 9th.

  • Looking for corporate donors for our fitness fundraiser - You have been so generous through the months of sponsorship giving! At the same time, it has been getting a little more difficult to garner donations so we need to pivot a little bit.

    • At the beginning of 2021, we will start a Fitness Fundraiser to raise money to give Ballantyne families in need food support. We will be asking people to donate and do a fitness challenge and then they will receive a Ballantyne Families t-shirt.

    • We would love to have corporate donors sponsor the cost of the t-shirts so that 100% of the communities' donations will go directly to giving food assistance to the families in need.

    • We (Ballantyne Families Helping Neighbors in Need) have had all of our paper work turned into the state and IRS for our 501c3 (non-profit) for awhile and we have our tax id. However, because of COVID, our 501c3 status isn’t complete. The IRS is currently working on filings that were turned in in April 2020!

    • So, we can’t give you a tax credit, but we CAN give you some exposure on our t-shirts that we hope will be posted all over social media!

    • Different levels of sponsorship that will be associated with the size of your logo on the t-shirt. Platinum = $1000 or more, Gold = $500 and Silver = $250. Let’s rally together to make this happen! Really appreciate your help in this endeavor!

    • Please contact Heather McAfee at 770-366-2521 or to learn more and sign up.

  • January support for families in need - In January, we plan to give bags of food and hopefully a $30 gift card to each family in need instead of the “normal” larger grocery gift card. The food will come from the overflow of food that Ardrey Kell students collect after Thanksgiving and food that Polo Ridge Elementary will collect. We will post when we know the AK date and time. Polo Ridge will be collecting Nov. 30 - Dec. 4th at early morning arrival (see flyer to the right).

Who We Are

Thank you for your interest in helping families in need in the Ballantyne community! Together, we have done amazing things and look forward to doing more during this challenging time.

Families in need are identified by the CMS school counselors of the 9 schools that are in Ardrey Kell High School's feeder pattern (Ballantyne, Elon Park, Endhaven, Hawk Ridge and Polo Ridge Elementary Schools, Community House and JM Robinson Middle Schools, Rea Farms K-8 STEAM Academy, and Ardery Kell High School).

So far, we have held three food drives and 8 grocery gift card drives for our families in need on March 16th, March 29, April 9, April 27, May 11, May 26, June 8 (for the summer), September 3rd, October 5th, November 4th and November 18th (Thanksgiving bags). The next round of giving will be December 2nd. We have given over $90,000 in grocery gift cards!!

How can you help? Please donate via the Venmo and Paypal links below and/or spread the word about our efforts.

Thanks in advance for all your help! Together, we can make a huge positive impact on Ballantyne families in need!


If you would like to donate money to our cause, you can use the PayPal and Venmo listed below - 100% of donations will go to grocery gift card purchases

Paypal ( or hyperlink)

Venmo: BFhelpingBF

11th Round of Giving - November (Thanksgiving Bags)


On November 18, 2020, the school counselors distributed 80+ Thanksgiving food bags and a $30 grocery gift cards to Ballantyne Families in need.

A HUGE thank you to the Ardrey Kell students who lead the charge, the AK administrators who helped to make it happen, the Community House National Junior Honor Society students who wrote notes/created pictures for each of the bags and to the community for being so VERY generous!!

During the distribution, one of the counselors said that she was putting a bag in one of the families' car and the mom cried. The mom said that she was so grateful for the help and one day - hopefully soon - she was going to make a donation to help others in our community!

Thank you! You are making a massive positive impact on our neighbors!!

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