Stand from Motion

Before attempting to teach the Stand out of Motion (Chapter 20), the dog has to be solid in its Stand for Examination (Chapter 8), so below we see a repeat of that process, and I'll add the motion part very shortly at the end.

This young dog is being assisted in understanding the exercise by using a looped leash. The handler should not reward her dog at this point. Why? What has to be changed before rewarding? Chapter 8.

This handler is creating a stimulus that could confuse the dog's understanding of what it's supposed to do next. What's the problem here?

Again, this handler is not rewarding her dog. What are the two handlers doing that says 'no food yet'?

This very young dog is a puppy class graduate working in the beginner level. She has progressed to the point where she can stay while her handler moves.

At graduation, we only expect the dog to be able to stand still for 5 seconds without being held in place. Note the handlers hand is not touching his dog, and that the instructor/evaluator is watching for that.

In this video of the Utility level, the dog must come to a halt when signaled. This is required for the beginnings of the Signals Exercise.