Balanced Training

Obedience for Dogs and Their Owners

by Barry Gay

Using the behavioral nature of dogs and the left over heritage from their wolf ancestors, Barry has designed a curriculum for his dog obedience school that has proven to be extremely successful. In this book he discusses the techniques the school staff uses to motivate dogs to reach high levels of success in competition. If you're not the competitive type and just want your dog to come when you call it, the answers are here as well.

People are not born knowing how to communicate with dogs, although most believe they can, based on a lot of misconceptions and incorrect techniques passed down over the years. Two basic beliefs guide the methods in this book; first, dogs will do whatever it is they believe to be the right thing in any situation, and second, if they knew what YOU wanted them to do, they'd do that instead. To get there, we have to teach them what we want, and the methods for achieving that are revealed here.

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You can also look at our resources page, where you will see some of the pictures and videos that are QR coded in the book. These resources will change frequently and they show both excellent work as well as work that in training for each exercise in all levels of obedience training.

The book covers the training philosophy and the methods that led to 7 of our students achieving High Scores in Class ratings in the obedience trials here in Saskatoon in early February.

I discuss how to get attentive, happy heeling, straight sits, fast, energetic recalls with straight finishes and how to teach the stand and figure 8 exercises in ways that are fun and motivating for a dog.

All of the Novice, Open, and Utility exercises are broken into small steps and taught in an order that makes each exercise crystal clear to the dog, letting trainers know when to go to the next stage.