What age is Bais Shneur for?

Bochurim entering Shiur Alef and Shiur Beis Zal. Typically 17-18 years old.

What is unique about Bais Shneur?

We put strong emphasis in the following areas: Personal attention from the Hanhola, diverse and customized learning curriculum, ability and tools to excersize individual skills and hobbies and transparency between the Bochurim and the Hanholo.

What type of person is Bais Shneur geared for?

Bochurim coming from Yeshiva who are motivated to grow, receptive to Yiddishkeit, are willing to put effort into making sure they maximize their abilities and time in Yeshiva and are looking for a full fledged, genuine and personal Lubavitcher Yeshiva experience.

What are the criteria for being admitted to Bais Shneur?

The criteria for being admitted to Bais Shneur focuses primarily on two qualities: 1. Personal Motivation 2. Receptivity toward Yiddishkeit.

How does the curiculum work?

Each Bochur chooses 4 tracks in Nigleh and 2 tracks in Chassidus that best suits him from the options that are provided.

Will I be able to learn the topics taught in other Yeshivas?

Most definitely. Every day there will be Shiurim in Gmoroh Liyun and Hemsheichim in Chassidus.

Will I be able to keep my smartphone?

Smartphones are allowed in Yeshiva once a filter has been added which monitors internet usage and makes the phone usable up to three hours a day.

How long after I apply will I know if I am admitted into Bais Shneur?

Typically 3 - 4 weeks.

What is the Daily Schedule?

7:45 Wakeup, Mikveh

8:30 Chassidus

9:45 Shachris

11:15 Parshah with Mforshim

12:20 Nigleh 1

1:20 Nigleh 2

2:15 Mincha

3:30 Nigleh 3

4:45 Nigleh 4

6:00 Extra Curricular Break

7:15 Supper

8:00 Night Seder

9:00 Maariv

Where is the Bais Shneur located?

In Long Island, NY. Around a 1 1/2 hour drive from Crown Heights.