Our daily schedule begins with Mikvah, Chassidus and Davening. Sedorim are divided into 7 daily 45-60 minute sessions. Each Shiur (besides for Smicha) has a different topic and set goal. Learning is conducted with a Chavrusah or in small group-based Shiurim, setting the stage for spirited discussion.


  • Gemoroh L’iyun
  • Gemoroh Fundamentals, Grammer and Formulas
  • Smicha Advanced track (2 year program)
  • Smicha Basic track (2 year program)
  • Practical Halacha. Learn the process of how Rabbonim address contemporary Halachik questions starting from the Chumash, through the Gemarah, Rishonim and Acharonim, all the way to Halacha Lmaiseh.
  • 39 Melachos in-depth
  • Weekly Parsha and Haftorah with Sichos and M’farshim
  • Shiur on Yedias Klolios and history of Yiddishkeit.
  • Peirush Hamilos - discover the essential Chassidic journey of Avodas Hatfilloh while filling your own Siddur with translations and Chassidic interpretation.
  • Reading select books on Chassidus and Jewish philosophy followed by debates and essay writing.
  • Yomim Tovim and Yomei De’pagra hachana. A rich detailed historical backdrop to the day as well as reviewing the halachos and minhagim, highlighting hora’a b’poal.


  • Select Sichos and Maamarim curriculum which challenges the Bochurim to write down and share their personal take and application with a Chavrusa.
  • Chassidus Applied Shiur
  • Tanya Shiur
  • In depth Maamorim and Hemshechim with a Chaburah.
  • “Five Alive” group learning format which teaches one to understand the text from another viewpoint and uses synergy to come to an overall deeper understanding in Chassidus.
  • Key Musogim in Chassidus

Extra Curricular Activities*

* Based on demand and availability.

Learning at Bais Shneur continues outside the Beis Medrash. In addition to the hour a day provided for extracurricular activities, we encourage our Bochurim to engage in the Rebbe’s directives of Mivtzoim and Hafotzas Hamaayonos.

The Yeshiva will arrange activities in the following programs:

● Gym, Music, Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Coding, Computer Programming, Friendship circle, Aleph, Bikkur Bayis and Mivtzoim.