Badih Ghazi

Google, Mountain View, CA

I am a Research Scientist in the Algorithms team at Google Research.

My current research interests include algorithmic aspects of differential privacy, digital advertising, and machine learning.

I completed my Ph.D. in February 2018 at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at MIT where I was very fortunate to be advised by Madhu Sudan and Ronitt Rubinfeld.

From September 2015 to February 2018, I was a visiting student at the Theory of Computation Group at Harvard.

Previously, I got my M.S. in EECS also from MIT, and my B.Eng. in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut, where I was very lucky to work with Louay Bazzi.

During academic year 2017-2018, I was supported by an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship. During academic year 2012-2013, I was supported by an MIT Irwin and Joan Jacobs Presidential Fellowship.

I am serving on the program committees of Random 2021,  NeurIPS 2021 (area chair), PETS 2022, SODA 2022, TPDP 2022, UpML 2022, FSTTCS 2022, NeurIPS 2022  (area chair), PETS 2023, FORC 2023ICML 2023 (area chair), NeurIPS 2023 (area chair), PETS 2024, The Web Conference 2024 (senior area chair for the Responsible Web), ICLR 2024 (area chair), CCS 2024, NeurIPS 2024 (area chair), ALT 2025 (area chair), and STOC 2025.

Research Publications