The Farm

Our CSA Programs

A CSA (community-supported agriculture) is a way for people to support small-scale, sustainable agriculture, strengthen the local economy, and eat healthy food.

By making a financial commitment to support Backyard Gardens throughout the growing season, CSA members provide a steady and reliable source of income for the farm. In return, they receive a share of the harvest. And it’s a good value! CSA membership gives you lots of fresh, local produce for your money. We have four different "shares" (options) available: see descriptions below!

To sign up, contact Beth Gibans at or 541-398-0707.

Traditional Share

  • 20 weeks of seasonal produce
  • June through October
  • Large ($500) or small ($375) share options
  • Pick up in Joseph or Enterprise

Flower Share

  • 8 weeks of fresh cut flowers ($150)
  • June through August
  • Pick up in Joseph or Enterprise

Salad Share

  • 20 weeks of our signature salad mix ($120)
  • June through October
  • Pick up in Joseph or Enterprise

Farmers' Market Share

  • Credit + 10% bonus at the Wallowa County Farmers' Market
  • $100 increments starting at $200
  • Memorial Day weekend through mid-October

Meet Your Farmers

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