Backyard Broadway 2019!!

The Little Mermaid!

We are proud to announce that we are doing the Little Mermaid this year! Sign ups are due on APRIL 1st! Here is the registration form that needs to be filled out, and sent to 4280 Old Oak Trace!

After filling out and sending in the form, please sign up for meet and greet times! We can't wait to see everybody at the meet and greet on May 4th!! Here is the link to the sign up times!

Exciting announcement!

We have an exciting opportunity!! I know, I know another form, but I promise this one is the last one! I also promise that it is worth the extra time! The form contains 2 sections. All you have to do is fill out your first and last name and who you heard about the camp from. Next thing you will want to do is spread the word, and get others to sign up becuase if you have your name 3 times on the form, you get an entry into the raffle! If you win this raffle, it means that you get 50% off of your camp fee this year!!