The Bach Family Bible

The Bach family (also spelled as "Back"), who settled in southeastern Kentucky, in 1791, originally came from Germany.

Back in Germany, they spelled their last name as "Bach." But when members of the family sailed to America, they changed the spelling of their last name to "Back," so that other people could more easily pronounce it.

Around 1900, some members of the family went back to using the original spelling of "Bach," which is why both spellings of the name are now used within the family.

The Bach (Back) family has an old Family Bible that has been in the family for hundreds of years. It has been passed down, from generation to generation.

Between 1762 and 1911, various members of the family wrote down information onto twenty-two pages of this old book, including people's names and their dates of birth. This old book is truly a beautiful artifact, and it documents a large part of the family's genealogy. Dr. Wilgus Bach, who researched the family's genealogy, in the early 1900s, had this book in his possession for many years.

This old book is now on display at the Breathitt County Library, in Jackson, Kentucky. But if you would like to see copies of the pages on which family members wrote down information, you can purchase a DVD called, "The Old Bach Family Bible."

This DVD is absolutely fascinating, and if you are researching your Bach (Back) ancestors, you really must get a copy of it!

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All twenty-two of the pages from The Old Bach Family Bible that have handwriting on them have been carefully photocopied, and they are now available on a DVD.

The DVD is available for only $19.95, and you can order one through PayPal. Just click on the link below.

If you would like to learn more about the complete genealogy of this family,

may we suggest that you read the excellent book

written by Dr. William H. Bach.

You can get a copy of it, from his website (click the link below):

Genealogy of the Bach (Back) Family

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