Cool Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys

So you're in need of super cool gift ideas for 11 year old boys and can do with a few suggestions. Let this comprehensive gift guide lead you to the perfect gift.

When you're hunting for a Christmas or birthday present for an 11 year old boy who has very strong views on what's uncool or 'lame', that only adds to the difficultly of finding the right gift; you know, something that will impress.

I'm hoping that some of the ideas I share with you here will inspire you to pick out the best holiday or birthday toys for 11 year old boys - transforming you into 'coolest' person in that young man's world... even if it's only for a moment! So welcome to my gift guide!

Books for 11 Year Old Boys

What books do 11 year old boys like? Anything funny. Perhaps a little bit gross even. Something that speaks of mysterious tales or books packed with fun facts or interesting characters. Ultimately it depends on the personality of the 11 year old, and you'd be the best person to judge on what's the most appropriate.

Buying a book as a gift for an 11 year old boy may not seem like an obvious choice, but surprisingly enough a lot of boys that age love receiving books as gifts. Variety is after all the spice of life so if they already have a stack load of electronic type toys, they'd be grateful to get something a little different.

Gadget Presents for 11 Year Old Boys

What to buy a 11 year old boy for his birthday? It has to be said that most boys like gadgets at any age.

Gadgets are plentiful and range from iPods, tablets, iPhones and super cool spy gadgets for kids to remote controlled cars and helicopters.

While your 11 year old boy might want every latest gadget under the sun, it's not always going to be feasible; unless you have a truck load of money burning a hole in your back pocket. So you have to choose your gadget gift wisely.

Here are a couple of things you may want to consider when choosing gadgets as cool gifts for 11 year old boys is;

a) shelf life - how much real usage can your child get from the gadget before the manufacturers decide to bring out the next shiny new boys toy, making the beloved gift redundant?

b) how long will the gadget last in the hands of your 11 year old? Some kids can make a toy or gadget last a lifetime, while some aren't so great at looking after their stuff and often end up losing pieces or breaking things.

Gaming Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

Perhaps your 11 year old gift recipient is mad about gaming and let's face it, which 11 year old boy doesn't enjoy playing on a games console?

The great thing about gaming gifts such as the Xbox, Playstation or Wii is that you can drill down even further to select a gift based on the recipients interests; think interactive sports games for the athletic types, brain teasers and puzzles for the academics and mystery games for the kids who fancy themselves as detectives.

Building Kits for 11 Year Old Boys

Still pondering the question: 'what to get an 11 year old boy for birthday'? Is your boy a dab hand at building stuff?

There is such a broad selection of building and construction kits from Lego sets, to model building kits to DIY and electronic kits for kids. All make excellent an birthday gift for 11 year old boys.

Sports Gifts Ideas for 11 Year Old Boys

If you're buying gifts for an 11 year old boy who's a sporty kid, then he'll think you're ace if you get him something that mirrors his sporting or outdoor interests.

Is there a particular sport that he is crazy about? Does he support a certain team? Is he keen to get started with learning a new sport?

Science Toys for 11 Year Old Boys

Kids science toys have certainly evolved since they first brought out the original chemistry set.

And while they may have a geeky edge to them, science toys and gifts have been climbing in popularity for a while.

They're actually some pretty cool gifts to choose from, including several toy rocket gifts, that will keep any science oriented 11 year old boy fascinated for hours.

These gift suggestions are my top recommendations based on popularity with consumers, however I'll understand if you want to browse even MORE cool gift ideas for boys.


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