Babeworld frequently designs stickers and merchandise, and often uses these forms of merch to fundraise for marginalised communities, gofundme's, and charities.

Part of Babeworld's practice is creating, designing, curating, and disseminating zines. Our zines look at a vast range of topics, from new writing, to football culture. To keep up to date with our zines and how to get one, follow us on instagram @babeworld3000.

Football In The Clouds

We were commissioned by Norwich&Norfolk Festival and created a zine and some merchandise. We looked into the history of fanzines, and wanted to make something that felt representative of our experience of being marginalised football fans and the barriers we face accessing football as a passive spectator. We worked with and commissioned local Norwich/Norfolk artists (who also love to watch ppl kick a ball around on some grass).

It’s a zine that explores what it means to be a passive, marginalised spectator of football and football culture.  Funded by Arts Council England, and Norwich Norfolk Festival.

Imma Burst Your Bubble Two Times If You Don't Mind

‘Imma burst your bubble two times if you dont mind’ is a zine curated and designed by Babeworld. This zine addresses assumptions marginalised identities experience, and what it means to be accurately represented. Featuring work from Rieko Whitfield, Leah Coughlan and Charity Aria.

Funded by East Street Arts.