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Today was a great day here in Ghana! We woke with a plan in our minds and as we do on mission trips, gave into Gods desire for us on the field. We started World Hope Bible Institute Pastor Training. Our first class is Intro to Christian Discipleship with 70 pastors attending. As usual, we started under our favorite mango tree, that is until the rain came and then we relocated into the church ( yes! Rain which we often pray for during our February trip.)

Our education team got a surprise to find out students were still in school and teachers were finishing report cards. They worked with the children so the teachers could finish the administrative work for the year. Then together they strategized on summer learning and planning for the upcoming year.

And then there was basketball!!!! What an amazing site it is to see what they have learned and how Cody is applying what he does at home in our Upward Basketball program to the children here.

Now we are settled in for the evening and preparing to see what day 2 will offer. We appreciate the prayers for our team and our work here!#beyondRVA


"Today was a great second day of ministry.

The education team returned to the school and spent time with the students as they finished their last day in school. They even had a visit from the queen!!! (At least our queen...do you recognize her?)

The students will have classroom parties tomorrow so the team will spend the day tomorrow between the sewing school and the pastors training.

Pastor training on discipleship continued today. Ryan Baker helped close out the session today preaching through the Parable of the Seeds from Matthew 13. It was a great way to end a discussion on discipleship. We prayed God would show us who He intended us to disciple.

Tomorrow, we begin our study of end times: Eschatology. Pray for rest for the team tonight and a way and place to share in the coming days."

Otis Hall, Bon Air Baptist Church Missions Pastor


"Today the team sat in on Pastor training for the day as we dove into the Study of Eschatology!!! The end times are an amazing thing to study with a group of people so passionate to be able to disciple their people.

We got a glimpse of the beautiful bags the girls are preparing for this year's HOPE STORE!

We also were able to begin the distribution of nets - 103 in just 2 hours! Just a portion of the 2600 we raised funds for that will help protect the people this village from Malaria!

It is raining as I am preparing to preach a gospel message tomorrow at the funeral of a Pastor's young wife. Pray for us as we travel 2-2.5 hours to support our brother Pastor Mark and his family."

Pastor Otis, Bon Air Baptist Church, Missions Pastor


”What a two weeks it has been!

  • Let’s summarize:
  • -Educational meetings with teachers and administration
  • -Trained pastors
  • -Basketball with children from the school
  • -Our first participation in a Ghanaian funeral celebration
  • -500 nets hung
  • -115 people prayed to receive Jesus
  • -We baptized 35 people
  • -Encouraged 5 of the churches we planted in February with visits, preaching, and prayers
  • -Planted Grace Memorial Baptist Church
  • -And countless other things
  • We now begin the task of coming home.
  • Pray for safe travel as we drive back to Accra starting tomorrow at 5 a.m.
  • We can’t wait to share all the work that God has done in our hearts while here.”

Otis Hall, Missions Pastor, Bon Air Baptist Church

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Baptist General Convention of Virginia (BGAV)

The BGAV began its partnership in Ghana in focusing on reducing Malaria and planting churches. We have continued our partnership by developing outcome-based projects to develop leadership, economic stability, and community outreach.

World Hope Bible Institute

World Hope Bible Institute was established to help pastors/leaders receive the training they need. The Bible Institute provides this training in remote or underserved areas. Those with theological training give their time and provide their own funding to deliver the Bible Institute curriculum to others in need.

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