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Highlights from Coronado Elementary School: Chinese Immersion (December 2017 visit)

Here are the highlights of seven schools visits from 2016-17.

Welcome to the AZ Dual Language/ Immersion Network (DL/I)

We are called the "DL/I" Network because as we grow we want to stay true to the research based models in the field. There is a difference between Dual Language (tpically two-way) and Immersion (typically one-way). If you are not using the correct terminology, no worries, more definitions can be found here:

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This is a grassroots network of dual language and/or world language immersion programs under the AZ Language Association umbrella organization! Do you...

  • meet the criteria to be a dual language/world language immersion program
    • at least 50% of your day is in a partner language to English
    • academic content is taught in the partner language
  • believe that an DL/I program should be open to ALL students
  • agree to adhere to the DL/I Fidelity Assurances
  • have set performance targets using either:
  • want to connect with other DL/I educators outside of your school or district
  • are willing to share your resources, successes and challenges
  • are able to join one of the network's site visits
  • are on the path to proficiency following the AZ Native & World Language Standards (as well as ACTFL)

Contact Cristina Ladas, AZLA Executive Board Member, with questions, comments, ideas