AZ Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Network

We are excited to be re-connecting more as Covid becomes more manageble! Stay updated with the latest AZ DLI News...

October 22, 2021 Update: We will be offering the Day 1 to a new cohort of AZ DLI Leaders on November 30, 2021 Click HERE for the registration page. Click HERE for the flyer. $175/per participant

October 13, 2021 Update: Our first "back-in-person" PD was October 12, 2021 and was open to the AZ cohort who attended Day 1 of the AZ DLI Leadership Academy pre-Covid. We had a successful reunion and day of "productive struggle" & networking. The day was facilitated by Dr. Jana Miller, Cristina Ladas and Patricia Fernandez with Delaware's Lynn Fulton-Archer as the keynote! Did you know that 1 in 5 kinder students in DE is in a DLI program?

WHO is part of the AZ DLI Network?

Anyone who is interested in, or are already a part of a one-way, two-way program, is invited to join like-minded educators through this network! Everyone in this network shares ONE key concept: ALL AZ children deserve access to programs that promote academics taught in English and a partner language, high levels of proficiency in English and a partner language and an enhanced sociocultural view of the world. If you don't see your program on this updated list (10.22.21), please contact Maria Cristina Ladas at The AZL DLI Network is a sub-group of the AZ Language Association.

American Council National Survey of DLI Programs 2021

2021 DLI Canvass.pdf

AZ DLI Programs 2021

Directory of AZ DLI Programs 9.24.21 for Network website

AZ DLI Fidelity Assurances Overview-3.pdf

The AZ DLI Network Activities (2016-2020) These visits are paused due to covid. We hope to resume them soon!

Highlights from Sandpiper Elementary School in Paradise Valley Unified School District (October 2019 visit)

Highlights from Davis Bilingual School in Tucson: Spanish Immersion (May 2019 visit)

Highlights from Gilbert Elementary School in Gilbert: Spanish Immersion (October 2018 visit)

Here are the highlights of seven schools visits that occurred our first year 2016-17.

Highlights from Coronado Elementary School in Gilbert, HUSD: Chinese Immersion (December 2017 visit)

Highlights from Desert Willow Elementary School in Cave Creek Unified School District (January 2020 visit)

This is a grassroots network of dual language and/or world language immersion programs under the AZ Language Association umbrella organization! Do you...

  • meet the criteria to be a dual language/world language immersion program

    • at least 50% of your day is in a partner language to English

    • academic content is taught in the partner language

  • believe that an DLI program should be open to ALL students

  • agree to adhere to the DLI Fidelity Assurances

  • have set performance targets using either:

  • want to connect with other DL/I educators outside of your school or district

  • are willing to share your resources, successes and challenges

  • are able to join one of the network's site visits

  • are on the path to proficiency following the AZ Native & World Language Standards (as well as ACTFL)

Interested in learning more?

Contact network organizers: Cristina Ladas, Education Consultant/AZLA President or Patty Fernandez, DLI Specialist (MPS), with questions, comments, ideas