Present @ Conference

Everyone agrees that our Hands-On Workshops and Best Practice Lectures are what make the conference a huge success! We are grateful for the variety and depth of our presenters!

The "Get Fired Up" Conference will be held at Chapel Rock Camp and Conference Center in Prescott Friday, October 25th through Sunday October 27, 2019. Please reserve these dates on your calendar.

Current AAEA Member PRESENTERS receive a $25 discount off their conference registration price during Early Bird Registration.

You will receive a copy of your responses to this form upon submission. We will email you with acceptance of your proposal and scheduling specifics by early summer.


Please use this link to propose a 2 hour Hands-On Workshop:

Please use this link to propose a 50 min. Best Practice Lecture Workshop:

Presenters are expected to act in a professional manner, come prepared for their workshop with all necessary materials and supplies, respect the presentation space, and provide exceptional professional development for conference attendees. Please be sure that you have rights to all materials used. AAEA is not responsible for any additional costs that may be accrued by you with our venue.

You will need to email ONE image to aaea.pastpresident@gmail that best illustrates your proposal for marketing purposes. NOTE- if not received by July 15, a generic art image will be used.

You agree to present at the conference at the time and date scheduled. If you are a no show/no call, future presentation consideration will be impacted.

You will be responsible for any supplies needed for your session including a computer projector, speakers and any copies needed for handouts.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you must cancel your workshop so that other arrangements can be made. If you a presenter and have any questions or need support – please ask a conference team member.