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AAEA East Regional Event- Art and Nature Connect

Join us in beautiful Alpine, AZ for our first East Regional Event. This will be a fun filled weekend that includes four workshops that incorporate nature and art. This a great weekend to spend bonding with other art teachers and connecting to nature. This event will include 15 clock hours.

Workshop 1: Papermaking led by Micki Anderson

If you have ever wondered how to make handmade paper, please join us of creating specialty papers. You will learn the ancient art of paper making from start to finish including pulp production, forming, couching and drying to beautiful finished handmade paper . You will also learn some neat tricks with embossing to create various finishes on your paper. We will be using recycled papers, tissue paper, brown paper bags, leaves, and dried flowers. Your artistic papers are limited only by your imagination. We will provide all materials, but if you have a special paper you would like to use, please bring it with you.

Workshop 2: Coptic Binding led by Helen Hyatt

Coptic binding or Coptic sewing includes methods of bookbinding employed by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts, and was used from as early as the 2nd century AD to the 11th century. The term is also used to describe modern bindings sewn in the same style. Come construct a Coptic Stitch handmade journal incorporating different papers including your own handmade paper.

Workshop 3: Nature Sculptures/ Photography led by Candace Greene

We will head out into nature to build our own Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures. We will photograph the sculptures and print out our photos to be placed in our journals.

Workshop 4: Landscape Watercolor Painting led by Candace Greene

In this workshop we will enjoy a peaceful time outside creating watercolor paintings of the beautiful landscape in our journals.

Please direct all questions to Candace Greene at aaea.regionalevents@gmail.com