Check In Times:

  • Thursday: 4:00-6:00
  • Friday: 7:30-8:30
  • Saturday: 7:30-8:00

Included Meals:

  • Thursday: Buffet Dinner
  • Friday: Continental Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Buffet Dinner
  • Saturday: Continental Breakfast, Buffet Lunch

*Vegetarian options will be available at all meals. Please make appropriate accommodations if you have other special dietary restrictions.

Thursday Evening Events:

  • Decorate Your Name Tag
  • Start Your Visual Journal
  • Create Art Royalty Regalia!!!
    • We will provide a lesson on Mandala and Tinfoil Inserts. Make yourself a crown utilizing these ideas. Or a paper septre, or a sash, or .....
    • Materials Provided: Paper, aluminum foil, funky scissors, paper crimpers, markers, and adhesives


Friday Evening Events:

  • Art Royalty Ball
  • Awards Dinner
  • Silent Auction
  • TASK Party
  • PDSF Raffle - Friday Baskets


  • Hands-On Workshops
  • Museum Panel
  • General Session Meeting
  • Hands-On Workshop
  • Final Raffles of Vendor Items and Saturday PDSF Baskets