Present @ Conference

Everyone agrees that our Hands-On Workshops and Best Practice Lectures are what make the conference a huge success! We are grateful for the variety and depth of our presenters!

Proposals for 2018 "Imagine..." are closed at this time. Please submit a proposal next year.

If you a presenter and have any questions or need support – please ask a conference team member.


Rental costs are prohibitive, so please bring your projector with you. Buddy up with other presenters that can check one out from their district. A screen will be provided.


Go and check out your session location prior to your assigned session. Please practice respectful use of the facilities. Encourage participants to use their best manners in keeping the space clean. Think about how your materials are organized so that your participants can quickly help you put everything away. Leave the location in the same condition as you found it (or better).


Please plan to pick up your Sign-in Sheet on the day of your workshop/lecture at the Check In table. Please turn the completed Sign-in Sheet back into the Check In Table. These are kept as a record to document attendance.


You were assigned a helper if you are alone and have a full workshop session. They are there to assist you with set up, clean up, materials management, and monitoring the sign in sheet while you are teaching.


We will clear the room of people between sessions. This will allow for the presenter to clean up/set up and will insure that the participants that are let into the room are registered for that session.


First everyone that is registered is signed in, seated and has materials. Unregistered participants are allowed standing room only with no materials unless you have available spaces and materials after the session starts.


This is set up to provide a central location to share the projects and lessons. Our participants can then see and take photos of the sessions they could not attend. Select a couple of your participants to display their created project in the Salon. If you are presenting the last session, please select a sample for the Salon yourself.


Remember to give your participants a way to contact you in the future. Share how much you enjoy sharing with them and encourage them to consider presenting in the future.


By submitting this Proposal you agree to present at the conference on the assigned day, if you are a no show/no call during your assigned workshop time, it will impact future presentation consideration. You also agree to submit an image to accompany your presentation. Anything you submit will be credited to you. Please be sure that you have rights to all materials used. You are responsible for any supplies needed for your workshop including a computer projector, speakers and any copies needed for handouts. AAEA is not responsible for any additional costs that may be accrued by you with WeKoPa Resort. You will be notified at the end of June 2018 about your workshop being accepted and when you will be presenting. If you need to cancel your workshop, you agree to do so by October 1, 2018, so that your spot can be filled. *We understand emergencies happen, and if you need to cancel AFTER October 1st, you will call or email Tracy Perry - as soon as possible so changes can be made to the master schedule, and your workshop cancellation can be communicated to our conference attendees.