Keynote: Antoinette Cauley


From an early age, Antoinette found comfort and security in her set of pencils and sketch pad. She would spend hours a day at school, her local Boys & Girls Club and at home drawing. Her ability to create art was the only real sense of stability she found as a youth. She knew that she had been given a special gift to create and that one day she could use it to change lives.

Being a Phoenix native, Antoinette's work is very reflective of her city- the gritty and the beautiful. Her work is heavily influenced by rap music and hip hop culture with a focus on social injustice and internal conflicts. She combines the grittiness of rap music with the beauty of vibrant color, texture, pattern and a personal and emotionally driven message.

Antoinette has spent the last few years working as a full time artist in her studio in Phoenix, Arizona. She also works with youth ages 5-18, teaching art classes that focus on drawing, painting and color theory. Antoinette is currently represented by the monOrchid Gallery in Phoenix. Recently Antoinette was named the 2017 and 2018 AZ Foothills Magazine's Best Local Artist.

Keynote Workshop

City of Stars

This workshop will focus on the combination of organic and geometric shapes. I will be teaching a technique I developed for painting galaxy style silhouettes. We will base our silhouette designs on the geometric shapes of the Phoenix Skyline or shapes we derive from our imagination. The geometric shapes will serve as the focal points in the paintings and the galactic patterns will tie in a more organic and natural component creating a visually appealing contrast. I will also tie in a few different art foundations such as color mixing, balance and composition.


My work is a conscious exploration into how my love of aggressive rap music relates to the struggles I have faced as a result of my perceived lost childhood. My work not only touches on social and racial issues, it’s very reflective of the trauma I experienced as a youth, growing up too fast as a youth and how today’s music contributes to younger generations doing the same. Through portraits of little girls that are unconventional and in-your-face, I hope to engage my audience in real conversations about childhood trauma and different social issues centered around rap music.