Hansen Photonics Incorporated

“The Axon is a new kind of hardware designed for high-speed optical networking. It overlaps and condenses network signals.”

Increase Redundancy

  • The Axon uses a fiber launching system to turn data signals into focused beams of light that stream through open air point-to-point.

  • Network engineers can make live copies of high-speed signals at any point in the beam using passive components.

  • The Axon can change the architecture of a data center by copying and distributing network signals without shutting anything down.

Multiply Network Capacity (Yes, really!)

The Axon can MULTIPLY network capacity and prevent bottlenecks within switches by combining different forms of multiplexing.

x2 for each signal using polarization division multiplexing.

x10-18 for course wavelength division multiplexing

For a total of 20-36x multiplication of network speed for JUST TWO different forms of multiplexing.

Improve Security

The Axon can passively monitor the beam at any point, detect wiretapping, and remain undetectable by software.


"Our goal is to give data centers the freedom to improve their architecture to any degree at any time."

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