A/X Growth

The A/X Growth Portfolio is an investment management model run by Roy Philipose that delivers sustainable above-average market returns.

Investments may lose value.

Quick Facts

Category: Large Growth
Objective: Capital Appreciation
Strategy: Long/Short Equity
Focus: Long-Term Growth
Goal: Outperform the S&P 500

Stock Selection Factors

A/X Growth™

About A/X Growth Portfolio

The A/X Growth Portfolio seeks capital appreciation on a primary basis and capital preservation on a secondary basis. A/X Growth is a focused and non-diversified group of high-quality stocks and investments. The investment strategy is long/short with a long-term focus. There is a maximum allocation of 20% in any one investment position. The model was founded by Roy Philipose in 2015. The A/X Growth Portfolio outperforms the S&P 500 Index on a regular basis.

2020 Performance:
A/X Growth: 178.5%
S&P 500: 15.7%

2021 Performance:
A/X Growth: 102.7%
S&P 500: 26.9%

2022 Performance:
A/X Growth: -8% (estimate)
S&P 500: -19.95%

2023 Performance:
A/X Growth: 47.9%
S&P 500: 24.7%

2024 Performance:
A/X Growth: (YTD)
S&P 500: (YTD)

About Roy Philipose

Roy Philipose has passion and skill for picking stocks. He uses common business sense, real-world experience, and fundamental analysis. Roy has learned from the writings of Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, and Robert Kiyosaki. He has worked in the financial industry since 2016 and has been a retail investor since 1997. Roy is from Philadelphia, PA. 

Experience: 27 Years
Certification: SIE, Series: 7, 63
Education: BA, SNHU 2022


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