A/X Growth

A/X Growth is a growth investment model run by Roy Philipose.

Quick Facts
Focus: Growth
Goal: 20% Returns
Strategy: Long-Only Equity
Holding Period: Long-Term
Objective: Capital Appreciation

Stock Selection Factors
Leaders in the Field
Good Management
Growing Revenue
Cash Flow Generation
Competitive Edge
Inside Ownership
Safety of Margin
Favorable Risk/Reward
Visionary Founder
Popular Basis
Needs Basis
Large Caps

Investments may lose value

The returns speak for themselves!

About A/X Growth

The A/X Growth portfolio seeks capital appreciation. A/X Growth is a focused and non-diversified group of 10-20 high quality stocks and investments. The investment strategy is long on large cap shares; the holding period is long-term; and the performance goal is to beat the S&P 500. The majority of shares are technology based and the portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin. The A/X Growth model was founded in 2015 by Roy Philipose, independent investor. The model portfolio will be updated regularly with newer growth ideas.

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About Roy Philipose

I am an independent investor. I use common business sense, real-world experience, and fundamental analysis to pick stocks. I follow the writings of Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, and Robert Kiyosaki. I have worked in the financial industry and my career goal is to become a portfolio manager. I am from Philadelphia and I have been a part-time investor since 1997.

Education: Self-Taught | BA, SNHU 2022
Experience: 24 Years
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