Each year the members approve a slate of candidates and vote in a new executive committee for the year. Every member is eligible to submit their name for candidacy on the executive slate. Voting members elect the executive board for a term of one year. Board members may be re-elected for an indefinite number of terms. Nominations for the Executive Board shall be presented at the March AWSC meeting. Election of board members is held in April of each year, with the terms commencing on July 1st.

The executive board shall meet monthly. The current schedule is the third Monday of each month at 8:00 p.m. The meeting dates and locations are at the discretion of each successive executive committee. Guests may attend the executive committee meetings if they provide notice, however, guests are not eligible to vote at these meetings.

Current board members include:

  • President: Mike Schaller
  • Vice-President: Phil Miller
  • Treasurer: Janet Schofield
  • Secretary: Kristy Common
  • Club Manager: Jen Zetocha
  • Publicity Director: Robin Martin
  • Equipment Manager: John Raitz
  • Parent Advisor: Jen Grabarcyzk
  • Club Advisor: Lori Williams
  • Club Advisor: Brian Billings
  • Director of Coaching: Emily Glick