I’m a geek at heart, there I said it, it’s out in the open now…

I’m not ashamed of being a big geeky dork. I think this allowed me to have a bit more open-minded approach to friends and relationships, work and life-partner living arrangements. Because I see things more... let's call it mathematically, my filters are less emotional or drama-based. Regardless, there is a balance between the mathematical and spiritual principles that guide my daily choices. I have learned to constantly fight the urge to judge others and let my emotions or my own drama blind me to their methods. Instead I choose to remain open to new ideas and experiences no matter the source. This allows my OCD (you can read that as "ANAL") side to explore freely without its usual limitations hindering my growth.

Now a bit about my history...

Having suffered from debilitating shyness as a child (including stuttering and obsessive nail biting), failed relationships (both personal and business), emotional & physical pain (including being the victim mental abuse by loved ones). Even with a decent upbringing, Life can be tough, and yet even in the midst of all that, I've only ever been depressed about not meeting my personal goals and denying my personal promises. I never really looked at the fact that I was being oppressed by others while in the moment, to me it is always my choice to be successful at reaching my goals. But I truly suffer when I have chosen to waste time & energy on those people, businesses, and distractions that don't reciprocate, losing energy that could have propelled me towards my own goals. I do however, always get through it and make the choice to move on and up to higher awareness.

Sometimes moving up requires stepping back or down first, in order to leap past obstacles. Using humility to achieve true growth, and acceptance of your current situation, coupled with the fact that you are both responsible for, and limited in, your ability to change your current situation. It is this awareness of your current situation limiting your growth that will finally allow you to get beyond your current situation. It always feels like "52 card pick up" to me. All your hard work and organizing and comfort with the process of stacking your life neatly into piles, gets completely destroyed when you go to the "screw it all!" phase of growth.

This ability to humbly accept my current situation as a result of every conscious choice I've made, allowed me to grow quickly. This was hard won knowledge, as every bit of my growth has required me to be humble and accepting of my situation first, then to become aware of and deal with my own flaws (largely built by following other's plans for me rather than my own). Not long after experiencing the real world versus what I thought it would be, (mostly as a young man in the military) I actually learned how to increase my awareness to see and learn new principles.

Awareness begins the process and allows us to see the inherent principles in life. When I began to apply the many principles learned by my own personal growth via various pursuits including martial arts and subtle energy healing, my results were immediate. These new found principles were truly universal and could be directly applied to my geeky jobs & personal life, in fact, all facets of my life were impacted. Increased awareness truly allows you to see choices that are already in front of you, it helps you learn new ways to focus and truly see what is good for your growth.

To get past your own obstacles, simply increase your awareness which allows you to clearly look at and focus on the principles that will help you build and sustain permanent growth the way you desire.

Once learned the PRINCIPLES can then be applied to ANY process/method/technique/aspect of your life. For example an easy demonstration is a principle of determining how balanced your life is...

The "Wheel of life" is a tool for seeing how balanced your life is vs. your desired balance.


It's illustrated in Cherie Sohnen-Moe's Book "Business Mastery", an excellent resource for those that want a more "connected" business. These are a few past examples of my own.


  • Draw your circle
    • Add lines for areas of your life you are interested in measuring
    • Put dots on the lines to indicate how close each area is to your "ideal". The center is 0% the edge is 100% of your expectation for that area of your life
    • Simply connect the dots for a VERY illustrative representation of the balance in your life.

Naturally the BEST scenario is one where every area of interest, is at the edge of the circle and looks nice & even with all the others.

It's very easy to "see" how balanced (or NOT) your life as a whole is.

The "Principle" part comes into play as you can use this exact same exercise to measure ANY area of your life, and even for ANY other time you want a visual representation of balance.

Utilising principles in this way it is actually quite simple and makes it easier to see through the confusion of all the infinite methods and techniques out there and get to the heart of those things that truly resonate with the current version of yourself.

By simply increasing your awareness, this in turn allows you to discover and apply universal principles which help you increase your awareness even more, it is truly a healthy spiral. You can Spiral in a positive direction for a change. I’m sure after you are more aware there will be experiences where you have been so aware that you surprised yourself with abilities you didn’t even know you had.

The goal of Awareness Principles (Aprinciple) training is to use enhanced levels of AWARENESS to help you find the universal principles which you can use universally in your life. This self awareness is also what will allow you to clearly define what method(s) are most effective for your learning.

What are your limits? Become more aware so you can press them, stretch them and excel beyond what you thought you were capable of. Principles will suddenly appear from many sources, the methods that work best for you, regardless of what you are seeking.

Until we can see more clearly with enhanced awareness, we are easily led, usually by marketing techniques, into methods/techniques that would otherwise never be part of our lives. Ones which may not resonate with us causing discord or disharmony and preventing the very attainment of the goals which sent us looking for a technique in the first place. We allow our desire for instant gratification and shortcuts to take precedence over our true awareness, so we suppress it. By suppressing our awareness we open ourselves to "opportunities" that really don't help us get anywhere. In fact, left unchecked, we may be conditioning ourselves to accept more of these invitations with ever decreasing awareness continuing a downward spiral that actually builds upon its own momentum . Remember you choose, you are responsible, bad choices lead to more bad choices, not accepting responsibility for them delays your awakening and ability to break out of the negative cycle. Lack of self awareness is never a goal of ours, I’m sure of it, yet we get drawn into drama, marketing and hype. But, when you begin to see more clearly, positive opportunities and the most effective methods that surround you every day you will be yours for the taking.

More than anything, I want to help you become more aware of yourself so you can choose for yourself and grow by yourself, into the person you know you want to be. With that gift you will begin to see the true nature of your choices, what opportunity surrounds you. Even more, you begin to see exactly what effect (if any) a particular method is having on you, both positive and negative. Avoiding what is not helping you achieve your intended goals while increasing your chances of seeing those that do.

Again, simply become more aware of yourself, then begin to see the principles inherent in all things. You learn “by principle” making it easier to become ever more aware. This is how we begin a positive spiraling effect that builds upon its own strength, your own strength. The snowball effect is a positive non-vicious cycle in a world where so many of us get caught up in negative spirals that snowball out of control and all too fast.

The real goal of this training is to teach AWARENESS by PRINCIPLE so that it can be shared with others who will share this positive energy spiral, perpetuating it, sustaining it, to help others increase their awareness of principles.

Robert K. Ruby II