Resource Packs


Black Nether Brick

Incompatible with Brighter Nether

Cherry Picking

Different Stems

Unbundled Hay Bales

Solid Slime

Sideways Nuggets

Plain Leather Armor

Red Iron Golem Flowers

Alternate Particles

Endless End Rods

Less Purple Purpur

Clean Wool


Better Bedrock

Brighter Nether

Incompatible with Black Nether Brick

Circular Sun and Moon

Clearer Water

Incompatible with Old Water

Smoother Oak Log

Smoother Stones

Pebble Less Coarse Dirt

Pebble Less Dirt

Ore Borders

Uniform Ores

Clean Ores

Whiter Snow

Lower And Sides

Grass Sides

Incompatible with Lower Grass, Alpha Foliage and Pebble-Less Dirt

Lower Grass

Incompatible with Grass Sides, Alpha Foliage and Pebble-Less Dirt

Mycelium Sides

Incompatible with Lower Mycelium and Pebble-Less Dirt

Lower Mycelium

Incompatible with Mycelium Sides and Pebble-Less Dirt

Path Sides

Incompatible with Lower Paths

Lower Paths

Incompatible with Path Sides

Podzol Sides

Incompatible with Lower Podzol and Pebble-Less Dirt

Lower Podzol

Incompatible with Podzol Sides and Pebble-Less Dirt

Snow Sides

Incompatible with Lower Snow and Pebble-Less Dirt

Lower Snow

Incompatible with Snow Sides and Pebble-Less Dirt

Shorter Grass

Shorter Tall Grass

Variation & Connected Textures & 3D


Peace And Quiet

Quieter Dispensers And Droppers

Quieter Ghasts

Quieter Minecarts

Quieter Villagers

Quieter Fire

Quieter Nether Portals

Quieter Water

Quieter Endermen

Quieter Pistons

Quieter Cows


Age 25 Kelp


Mine Progress Bar

Incompatible with Alternate Block Destruction

Sticky Piston Sides

Directional Hoppers

Dimishing Tools


Better Observers

Clean Redstone Dust

Incompatible with Utility Redstone

Alternate Block Destruction

Incompatible with Mine Progress Bar

Redstone Power Levels

Incompatible with Utility Redstone[Made by abc55]

Clean Redstone Power Levels

Incompatible with Utility Redstone
[Made by abc55, Modified by DrAv0011]

Tech Set

Special Texture That Adds Proper Names and Textures to Glitched Items[Made by TechRock Server]

Quick Crafting

Allows Mobile Player to Craft Big Ammounts of Items Fast [Made by abc55]

Visible Tripwires

Chunk Visualizer

[Made by Theta Sigma, Modified by DrAv0011]


Unobtrusive Rain

Unobtrusive Scaffolding

Transparent Shields


Borderless Glass

Incompatible with Clean Glass

Borderless Stained Glass

Incompatible with Clean Stained Glass

Clean Glass

Incompatible with Borderless Glass

Clean Stained Glass

Incompatible with Borderless Stained Glass

Lower Fire

Lower Shields


Transparent Pumpkin

Incompatible with other Unobstrusive Pumpkins

No Beacon Beam


Clean Ice

No Vignette

Alternate Enchant Glint

No Pumpkin Overlay

Incompatible with other Unobstrusive Pumpkins

Smaller Utilities

Orange Pumpkin

Incompatible with other Unobstrusive Pumpkins

Invisible Item Frames

Crosshair Selector



Wither Hearts

Rainbow Experience


Bedrock Edition Title

[Texture by r4isen1920]

Chat Tweaks

Allows Mobile Player To Select the Previous Messages in Chat and to Tab when Selecting Commands[Made by randomityguy]

Numbered Hotbar

Invisible ToolTips

Menu Panorama Selector



Alpha Foilage

Incompatible with Grass Sides, Lower Grass and Pebble-Less Dirt

Old Cobblestone

Old Gravel

Old Lava

Old Metal Blocks

Old Water

Incompatible with Clearer Water

Old Lapis Texture

Poppy To Rose

Old Damage Sounds

Terracotta to Hardened Clay

Old Wool Colors

1.11 Shulker Boxes

Old Sponge Texture


Xisuma Paintings

Xisuma Turtle

ilmango Golden Apples

Bacon Beam

ConCorp Wings

Most of textures and features are owned by VanillaTweaks except the indicated with other creator, this is just a Fan Made port to another Game Version. Any issues with this packs report them to DrAv0011 and not to the Vanilla Tweaks Team or Xisuma Void.

For Bugs, Updates, Requests or any issue regarding Bedrock Tweaks: Contact