Avinash Collis

I am a doctoral candidate at the MIT Sloan School of Management specializing in the economics of digitization and advised by Erik Brynjolfsson. I am part of the research team at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. I am also a co-principal investigator of the MIT Measuring the Economy Project.

Contact: avinash.collis@gmail.com, avinashg@mit.edu

Address: MIT Sloan School of Management, E62-412, 100 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142, USA

Social: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram


Journal Publications

1. Using Massive Online Choice Experiments to Measure Changes in Well-being (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Felix Eggers), 2019. Forthcoming.

Previously circulated as: NBER Working Paper No. 24514.

Media coverage: The Economist (1, 2), Financial Times (1 (Interview), 2, 3), Washington Post, Bloomberg (1, 2), The Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Guardian, Buzzfeed (Interview), Quartz (1, 2), CNN, The Boston Globe, The Sydney Morning Herald, Die Welt, Boing Boing, Marginal Revolution, MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Law Review, Brookings, AEI (1, 2), Project Syndicate, De Standaard (1, 2), Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Le Temps, Spektrum, SG.hu, Revista Mercado, Il Sole 24 Ore (1, 2), Diário de Notícias, Diario Gestión, Periódico elDinero, The Star, The National, Forbes India, Euro2day, Il Foglio, Báo Người Lao Động, The Economic Observer (经济观察网), Südkurier, Avenir Suisse, University of Groningen

Presented at: CRIW workshop, NBER Summer Institute, July 2016; Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE), December 2016 (Best student paper award); NBER Winter Digitization Meeting, March 2017; NBER Productivity Lunch, April 2017; MIT Economics Department IO Lunch, May 2017; Digital Initiative Discussion & Symposium, HBS, May 2017; MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy Annual Conference, May 2017 (Video); ZEW Conference on The Economics of Information and Communication Technologies, June 2017; Society for Economic Measurement Conference, July 2017; IMF 5th Statistical Forum, November 2017; American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meeting, January 2018; Stanford GSB, Operations, Information & Technology Group, March 2018; Munich Summer Institute, June 2018

2. Measuring Welfare with Massive Online Choice Experiments: A Brief Introduction (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Felix Eggers), 2018. American Economic Association - Papers and Proceedings 108 : 473-76. (Download)

Working Papers

1. GDP-B: Accounting for the Value of New and Free Goods in the Digital Economy (with Erik Brynjolfsson, Erwin Diewert, Felix Eggers and Kevin Fox), 2019. (Download) (Submitted)

Media coverage: Financial Times, BBC, Axios (Interview), The Times, The Australian, Independent

Presented at: Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), April 2018 (Invited Seminar); ESCoE Conference on Economic Measurement, Bank of England, May 2018; EPFL, June 2018 (Invited Seminar); IMF 6th Statistical Forum, November 2018; OECD, December 2018 (Invited Keynote Speaker)

Other Publications

1. GDP and well-being in the digital economy (with Erik Brynjolfsson). OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2018.

Research in Progress

  1. Consumer surplus, subjective well-being and attention: Three different measures of consumer well-being in the digital economy
  2. The Impact Of Social Media Usage On Productivity And Well-being: Evidence From A Randomized Controlled Trial (with Felix Eggers)
    • To be presented at: Marketing Science Conference, June 2019
  3. Measuring the welfare gains from user generated content (with Jana Gallus)
  4. Efficient business models in a zero marginal cost digital economy (with Erik Brynjolfsson and Michael Zhang)
  5. The impact of internet penetration on subjective well-being (with Christos Makridis)
  6. Optimal Platform Price Discrimination and the Value of Network Effects (with Seth Benzell)
  7. Hypothetical Bias in Choice Experiments (with Felix Eggers)
    • Presented at: Marketing Group, University of Groningen, June 2017 (Invited Seminar)
  8. Algorithmic Bias in Online Advertising: The Case of For-Profit College Ads (with Avi Goldfarb, Catherine Tucker)

Older Publications (pre-PhD)

  1. The Impact of Openness on the Market Potential of Multi-sided Platforms: A Case Study of Mobile Payment Platforms (with Jan Ondrus & Kalle Lyytinen), Journal of Information Technology 2015. (Download)
  2. A Post-Failure Analysis of Mobile Payment Platforms (with Jan Ondrus & Kalle Lyytinen), Proceedings of the 48th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2015. (Download) (Nominated for best paper award)