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Friday, September 22nd


Today's callback auditions will be in the library. If your child is scheduled to come today, please go directly to the library at their scheduled time and wait outside until your child is called in. Please plan to stay outside during your child's audition (with the exception of Geppetto, who can be dropped off).


The Cast List will be sent to the Google Group on Sunday, 9/24 at 5pm. Please do NOT share this email with other families. We are sharing the cast list only over the Google Google group deliberately to ensure that all families are members of the group. This will be an essential communication tool for us throughout the production. Please encourage your friends to subscribe on our home page if they have not already.

Please remember: This is an exciting and sometimes difficult part of the production process. Some children will be disappointed with their roles. There are only so many lead roles and this is bound to happen. Please support them by communicating how proud you are of the work they've put into their auditions. It's very difficult to stand up and sing in front of others and they all did it, and did great! Please help them understand that every role is important and that we are all working together to create a wonderful show. It is going to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, September 19th

Audition reminders..


We will not provide a device for playing background tracks (except a CD Player). If your actor chooses to have background music, please send him or her with a device that is ready to go when they are called. Ideally, this is a downloaded song, not a live YouTube video, as they often have ads and require an internet connection. **Again, playing background tracks is totally optional! This is for actors who prefer to have music.


If possible, please list your actor's name on the sign-up for the audition as it's often difficult to decipher who's coming in when the adult names are listed.

Dance Callbacks

These are new this year and may have caused some confusion. If your actor does not get the dance callback sheet you do not need to come on Thursday.

Saturday, September 16th

Auditions begin Monday!

Wednesday, September 13th

Registration is closed

If you have not completed the steps for registration, please do so now!

Wednesday, September 13th.


Auditions begin Monday, 9/18. If you haven't already, please make sure to sign up your child for an audition time as soon as possible. If you have not received the link from us but feel you have completed all of the necessary steps for registration, please email us at

Audition Class

There is one more audition class tomorrow, Thursday 9/14, from 3-5 in the cafeteria. This is optional, free, and there is no sign-up. Just show up!

Tuesday, September 12th

Please complete ALL steps of the registration process! We have families on the waiting list who are waiting to hear if they will be added.

If you are adding your name to the waiting list, please do NOT do any other steps.





Friday, September 8th

We've reached our capacity of 100 registrants. We are now collecting names for the waitlist.

If you have not completed all of the steps for registration, please do so as soon as possible. You can find all of the steps on the registration page of this site. Once ALL steps are complete, we will send you an audition sign up sheet.

Wednesday, September 6th

Registration opens on Friday, Sept 8th at 7:00am for the 2017-2018 school year, and ends on Friday, September 15th. Go to the Registration Tab of this site for links to the forms and sign-ups.

Thursday, August 31st

Things you can do now to get the process started!

  • Sign up for the Google Group to get updates and important information.
  • Check out the Volunteer Guide to find a role that's right for you!
  • Sign up for a volunteer role on the sign-up sheet or drop off your $250 buyout check in the drama club box in the office (write it out to AVHSC and write BUYOUT in the notes!)
  • Drop off your deposit check for $250 in the drama club box in the school office. (write it out to AVHSC and remember to write DEPOSIT on the check so we don't cash it as a buyout! )

Wednesday, August 30th

Thanks for attending the Parent Meeting! Meeting materials are posted!

Wednesday, August 30th

Parent Information night is tonight at 7pm! Please try to come to learn about changes to the program and how to register online!