AVG is antivirus software that is engineered to keep your data, identity, information and files safe and secure from the virus, malware, ransomware, adware, rootkits, Trojans, spyware etc. and cyber threats. In order to provide safety of your official documents, AVG encrypts and stores the data into a virtual disk on your system device that is password protected. Apart from this, AVG offers a host of advanced features to keep all your devices safe and secure from cyber threats even when you are surfing, playing gaming, downloading, streaming videos etc. by scanning every item.

Besides, the anti-theft feature of AVG helps in identifying the location of your stolen phone, laptops etc as well as sends an image of the thief by camera theft. The email shield technology of AVG scans each and every email to detect virus, as well as remove the malicious and infected emails.

AVG scans your computer automatically round the clock through its advanced scanning engine even when it is not put to use. The remote management of the devices lets you administer, install and configure the AVG antivirus software from any location. This feature also ensures timely scanning of the AVG antivirus software to safeguard all devices.

AVG Antivirus software for Business and household

The advanced features of AVG antivirus software are designed to keep all data, files and confidential information safe from the hackers, cyber threats and cyber-attacks. Remote Management allows remote administration of the devices. Protection of the network through link scanning ensures the safety of the internet that is accessed by the employees. In case any threat is detected, AVG antivirus software immediately gives a warning. The Email shield technology is able to scan all the emails automatically, to remove the content that carries any security threat or malicious links and attachments.

AVG antivirus software is a perfect antivirus for your personal and household purposes. Not only keeping the devices safe and secure from cyber threats, but AVG antivirus software also enables tracking of lost devices. So that you are able to lock the device, activate the alarm, delete all data remotely. At the same time, when the lost device is being tried to unlock and the thief fails on the third attempt, then the Camera Trap will capture a secret photo of the thief and send it to the owner via email.

Apart from this, due to the AES encryption, you can connect to the public Wi-Fi without any fear of threat or malicious activities. AVG antivirus software can safely run on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Features of AVG antivirus software

AVG antivirus software provides several advance features to its users, that includes the following:

· Data Safety

· Malware Protection

· Ransomware Protection

· File Server Security

· File Shredder

· Identity Protection

· Protect Network

· Link Scanner

· Email Shield

· Network Antivirus

· Ransomware Protection

· Smart Scanner

· Remote Management

· Remote Access Shield

· AVG PC TuneUp

· Boost PC Speed And Productivity

· Mobile Security

· Secure VPN

· AES encryption

· Antivirus App For Android

· Anti-Theft locker and tracker

· Camera Trap

· App Lock

· Device Lock

· App Backup

· Webcam protection

Operating system requirement

For AVG antivirus activation on your system, you must check out the system requirement of your device. AVG antivirus can be downloaded and installed on the Windows devices having the following :

  • AVG antivirus can be successfully installed on Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 on 32-bit or higher editions

  • Processor required: minimum Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz or faster

  • Memory: At least 1 GB RAM or above

  • Hard disk free space required for installation :

  • 2 GB on the hard disk

  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above (must support SSE2 instructions). ARM-based devices are not supported.

  • Internet: Internet connectivity to download, activate, install, scan and maintain program updates.

  • Standard screen resolution: Not less than 1024 x 768 pixels.

What are the steps for AVG Retail Login, Installation, Setup and Activation?

For AVG antivirus activation, it is recommended to remove all previously installed antivirus from your system device. You can do this by clicking on Control panel > Programs > Uninstall programs, select the existing antivirus and right click to select ‘’Uninstall’’. Once the previous antivirus is uninstalled, follow the given instructions:

  1. Log in to AVG antivirus account-www.avg.com/retail

  • Open the official website of AVG antivirus i.e. https://www.avg.com/retail for antivirus setup, installation for antivirus download.

  • Click on ‘’Login to my AVG Account’’, a new web page will appear asking you to enter your registered email id and password.

  • If you have not created an account yet, then click on the ‘’Create an Account’’ button. Enter the details as required such as your name, email id and generate a password. Click on the ‘’Register’’ button.

  • Expect a verification email on your registered email id inbox. Open the email and click on the confirmation link for your AVG antivirus account activation. On clicking this link, you will be directed to the official site of the AVG antivirus.

  • Now enter your registered email id and newly generated password to open your account for AVG antivirus account activation.

2) AVG Antivirus setup and AVG Antivirus installation

After you have logged into your account, at this point, you will be asked to download the AVG software on your device.

  • Click on the ‘’Download’’ button as appearing on the screen after you log into AVG antivirus account.

  • Once you click the ‘’Download’’ button, a setup file with the extension ‘’.exe’’ will start downloading on your device.

  • After the file is downloaded, open the location where it is stored and right-click on the file to select ‘’Run as administrator’’ from the context menu. A ‘’User Account Control’’ dialog box will appear, asking for permission to install. Click on ‘’YES’’ to proceed further.

  • Another dialog box will appear. Select the language from the options (if required) otherwise, it will display English as the default language.

  • Now, a new dialog box will appear on your screen, too for AVG Antivirus installation. Click on the ‘’Install’’ button and follow the instructions that appear on your screen. However, if you wish to make changes in the default AVG Antivirus setup, then click on the ‘’Customize’’ button to proceed further.

  • AVG Antivirus setup and AVG Antivirus installation will initiate on your system device which will take a while as it progresses on your screen. At this point, do not switch off your computer or internet connection.

  • A new dialog box will appear, click on the ‘’Continue’’ button. Thereafter, you will see a dialog box, asking you to start with either ‘’Activate’’ your account with the paid version or ‘’Start free trial’’.

  • Since you have purchased the paid version for AVG Antivirus setup and AVG Antivirus installation, you are recommended to skip the free trial version and click on the ‘’Activate’’ button to begin your subscription.

3) Activation Product Key Code-https://www.avg.com/retail

Now, that you have completed AVG Antivirus setup and AVG Antivirus installation, you need to activate your subscription plan. Activation product key code is required to start your paid subscription. AVG antivirus activation product key code is a combination of 25 digits which you receive from the retailer when you purchase it online. An email is sent to you on purchasing AVG Antivirus that consists of this AVG antivirus activation product key code.

Follow the given steps to proceed:

  • Open https://www.avg.com/retail and enter 25 digit activation code you have received

  • AVG antivirus product subscription is now active on your device.

3) Run your First Scan on the device

  • As soon as your AVG Antivirus Activation starts, you can scan your system. Simply click on the ‘’Run first Scan’’ button to scan your system and detect if any virus or cyber threat exists.

  • In case some functions are not working on your system, it is advised to RESTART your system device and then scan the system once.

Various Activation process on different platform

Easy steps for avg.com/retail procedure

Complete avg.com/retail process for both desktop and mobile devices. Follow the simple steps given here and activate your AVG subscription.

Install AVG antivirus software

AVG subscription can be activated through its application installed on the PC. So install its application before license activation.

Open a browser type avg.com/retail in the url field and press enter.

You will reach the AVG home page. Expand the drop-down menu and select the product you have purchased.

Next choose the device you want it to install, then click the download button.

AVG Installer files will be downloaded to your pc.

Go to the download section of your browser and locate the AVG setup file.

Open the file by double-clicking it to run the Installer.

Next, follow the instructions as detailed on the AVG installation dialogue box and finish the installation.

avg.com/retail via the application interface

To proceed with AVG activation you must have an activation code. Look for AVG mail that includes the activation code.

Double click the AVG application icon to launch the main window.

Now click on the menu button located at the top right corner of the screen.

The menu will expand. Select 'Enter Activation Code' option.

Another window will appear. Type your AVG Activation Code in the field given, then click on the enter button.

If the key is valid your AVG subscription will be activated.

Activate AVG on android

Download the AVG antivirus app on your phone from the Google play store.

Search on your phone's home screen the AVG app icon and tap it to open the app.

On the home screen, tap on the upgrade button.

Now tap the three horizontal dots at the top right of the screen and select the 'enter voucher code' option.

Enter the code in the pop-up box then tap on the confirm button.

Various scanning options available with AVG antivirus software.

To perform scanning of your system, you can run various scans either simultaneously or subsequently. The various options to scan include:

  1. Run smart Scan: To detect malware, virus, browser add-ons, performance issues and check sensitive documents

  2. Deep Scan: In-depth scanning of your device to check storage drives as well as memory for cyber threats.

  3. File or Folder Scan: It prompts you to select a file or folder to scan individually.

  4. Boot-Time Scan: It scans at Bootup to remove any cyber threat or ‘’infection’’ that is difficult to reach once you startup.

  5. USB/ DVD Scan: To scan all removable media that can be attached to your device including USB flash drives, external hard drives, smartphone, etc.

  6. Performance Scan: To scan the system for any issues that are affecting the speed, performance and security of the system device.

Consequences of not activating AVG Antivirus software on my system device- ’You are not protected’’.

If your system is not protected or AVG antivirus is not working then you will get the message on your computer that says ‘’You are not protected’’ in red colour along with an ‘’X’’ marks icon on the AVG antivirus user interface. This suggests that your system is prone to potential virus, malware, ransomware, spyware and other allied cyber threats and cyber-attacks. You may at any time lose your data, confidential information, personal details, passwords, files, folders etc. as the system could be hacked by any cybercriminal.

This could happen because of any of the following reasons:

  • Your AVG antivirus subscription has expired and not valid anymore. You are suggested to immediately buy a new subscription plan.

  • AVG antivirus is not activated on your screen, this could be due to you have not activated the subscription by entering the product activation key code.

  • The free trial of AVG antivirus has expired and your system is not protected. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a new subscription of AVG antivirus that fulfils your official or personal usage.

  • You have not uninstalled any other previously installed antivirus from your system. Thus, uninstall any other antivirus software and try to re-install AVG antivirus software on your device.

Therefore, to keep your system device safe and secure as well as to protect all your data, files, folders and information, buy a paid subscription of AVG antivirus. Get peace of mind and ultimate protection from any suspected malicious activities with AVG antivirus.


Q. Why am I unable to activate my AVG antivirus subscription?

A. If you are unable to activate your AVG antivirus subscription, then

  • Ensure that the product activation key code is entered correctly.

  • At times, subscription synchronization may take up to 24 hours after purchase.

  • Contact your retailer, if the activation key code does not work even after 24 hours or purchase.

Q. Can I use a free-trial version of AVG antivirus?

A. You can use a free-trial version of AVG antivirus however it will give you limited features for security and is available for use for a limited trial period. Thereafter, you will not be able to get your free-trial version of AVG antivirus and need to buy the paid subscription with the premium features.

Q. Do I need to uninstall any other anti-virus running on my device.

A. YES, you need to uninstall any previously running antivirus from your device, before you start the downloading process of AVG antivirus software on your device.

Q. Is it possible to transfer my AVG antivirus subscription to another computer?

A. YES, you may transfer the AVG antivirus subscription on any other device of your choice. You need to follow the given steps:

First, uninstall AVG internet software from the existing system device.

Secondly, install AVG internet software on the devices in which you want to use it further.

Finally, Activate the subscription on the new device using the AVG product activation key code.

Q. Will the performance of my PC slow down while AVG scan is running?

A. Usually, the performance of your system device will not be affected when the AVG scan is running. However, there could be a little slower performance of your device due to the system configuration, or in case you are executing multiple scans simultaneously on the device.

Q. Should I turn off the Microsoft Windows Firewall when I am using the Enhanced Firewall in AVG antivirus subscription?

A. YES, you may turn off Microsoft Windows Firewall when you have purchased a subscription having Enhanced Firewall in AVG antivirus subscription. Please note that AVG antivirus subscription has Enhanced Firewall that is built-in to check all your communication between your system device and with the outside networks. It successfully blocks all malicious and unauthorised communications that could be a potential threat to your system. It is suggested to keep all the AVG protection components enabled on your system device 24 /7 to ensure safety and protection.

Q. Can AVG protect my emails from viruses and threats?

A. YES, all your web-based email accounts whether private or official remain protected from the malware, virus, and other cyber threats due to the Web Shield, File Shield, Email Shield as well as Secure VPN features of the AVG Antivirus software.