• Terms, Rules, and Information •

This information and any terms within apply to personal commissions specifically.

• Process Steps •

  1. I'll send you an invoice for the first half of the agreed-upon payment with a preview once I've completed my initial sketch/paint.
  2. I will only send you the sketch once you've completed the payment for the first-half invoice.
  3. We can discuss alterations to the illustration at that point. At my discretion, the price will go up with excessive or significant redraws or additions.
  4. Once we agree to continue with the sketch, I will resume work.
  5. I will send the invoice for the second half of payment after I've completed the illustration, with a preview as proof of completion.
  6. Once you've completed the payment for the second-half invoice, I will send you the final version of the illustration, at which point the commission is complete.

• Additional Terms, Rules, and Information •

I do not set deadlines for personal commissions (i.e., non-commercial work). However, I do aim to get your illustration to you within 14 days, not counting any days where I might be waiting on you to complete one of the steps above (e.g., paying the first-half invoice).

I may stream my working on your commission on Twitch. Please let me know if you would prefer I didn't.

I add completed work, including personal commissions, to my social media, portfolio, and any other locations as I see fit.

All work produced by personal commission is for non-commercial use only.

All refunds are at my sole discretion.

Feel free to ask about whatever you want, though I won't do anything NSFW, and I definitely won't do anything illegal or that I consider unethical.