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Digital India Hackathon on HackerEarthACM India is hosting a one-day Digital India event in conjunction with VLDB 2016 and Persistent Systems Ltd. We are very excited by the opportunities presented by the ambitious Digital India program launched by Hon. PM Narendra Modi. It is a grandeur vision of uniting a large nation like India via high-speed digital highways. 1.2 billion Indians will be connected together and will have access to open information. Data takes the center stage in this vision due to the sheer size of India’s population. With ~1 billion Aadhar cards, 200+ million Jan-Dhan Yojna accounts, the magnitude of India-scale data is humongous. Such large data processing will need specialized big data and analytics expertise. Digital India event aims to address these India-scale data problems and how technology can be instrumental in solving those. It will also facilitate an innovation showcase for Indian startups especially working in big data area. Very Large Data Bases (VLDB) is a premier annual international forum featuring research talks, tutorials, demonstrations and workshops in areas like data management, database and information systems research. It is aimed at database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. Digital India Hackathon is a part of VLDB 2016 and will be held on 5th September 2016 at Leela Hotel, Gurgaon The concluding ceremony of Digital India Hackathon will happen on 5th September at Leela Hotel, Gurgaon and 2 winners will be announced along with special prizes on the same day. The shortlisted teams from online round will be called for final presentation/demonstration. For more information about VLDB 2016 and Digital India Event, please visit