Avast login - How to connect Avast product to Avast Account?

Avast is a renowned provider of world-class cybersecurity software. It develops business and consumer digital security products for desktops, servers, and mobile devices. Avast is a dedicated software provider that aims to create a world where all the users get safety and privacy from cyber threats. It is due to this vision that it has become one of the largest security companies in the world that uses hi-tech security and technologies to fight against all cyber crimes and attacks.

One of the most remarkable things that make Avast stand out amongst all the other great companies is its immense cloud-based machine learning engine that gets a constant stream of data from its millions of users. It facilitates learning at an exceptional speed making their artificial intelligence engine smarter and faster than the others. The best thing about using Avast software and services is, it has kept it very easy to operate its products. You can manage all of your product subscriptions with a single Avast Account. However, you have to perform Avast Login to manage your plans. Therefore, here we have given the guidelines for Avast Login along with the process to connect an Avast product with your Avast account.

Guidelines to perform Avast Login

It is easy to log in to an Avast Account. All you need to do is follow the below instructions:-

  • First, open any web browser of your choice and go to its Address bar.

  • In the address bar, you have to enter the URL- “my.avast.com” and press the enter key to visit the official Avast Login page.

  • Then, the Avast Login window will open on the screen of your computer device.

  • Here, you should fill in the required details in their respective slots.

  • You should enter the email address that you enrolled with your Avast Account.

  • In the next step of the Avast Login, you have to enter the Avast password you created during the account creation process.

  • Note: you must enter the password carefully as it is case-sensitive, and a single mistake would create issues in the Avast Login process.

  • Note: all the users are suggested to click on the “Remember Me” option to make your system save your Avast Login details.

  • After this, click on the “Continue” tab.

Thus, by following all the guidelines mentioned above, you have successfully logged in to your Avast Account.

How to connect an Avast product with Avast Account?

Your Avast account serves as your portal that helps you manage all of your paid Avast subscriptions. If you want to connect an Avast product or subscription with your Avast account, you must follow the steps provided below:-

A. Connect Avast Premium Security

  • In order to connect the Avast premium security with your Avast account, you should first open the user interface of the Avast Premium.

  • After this, go to the “Menu” button and click on it.

  • Then, you should click on the “Sign In” button and perform Avast Login.

  • After this, all of your paid subscriptions would be displayed under the “Subscriptions on this PC” section.

  • Hence, after this, your subscription would be connected to your Avast Account.

Thus, you have successfully connected your Avast premium security with your Avast account.

B. Connect Avast Security

  • If you want to connect the Avast Antivirus for Mac with your Avast account, you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, you must click on the “Go” button on Avast Security.

  • After this, go to the “Applications” section given on the left side of the menu bar.

  • After this, you should click on the Avast icon to open the application.

  • In the next step, you must visit the “Menu” section.

  • Then, you should select the “Log in to Avast Account” give in the menu dropbox.

  • Thus, you have to complete the Avast Login by entering the Avast account login credentials.

  • Once you have entered the details, you must hit the “Log In” button.

  • Note: alternatively, all the users can click on “Facebook” or “Google” to make use of these account credentials.

  • All the paid subscriptions will be displayed under the “Subscriptions on this Mac” section.

  • Thus, you have successfully connected your Avast product subscription to your Avast account.

In this blog, we have added the step-wise procedure for Avast Login. Apart from this, we have also explained the steps to connect your Avast Premium Security and Avast Security with your Avast account. Moreover, all the procedures are explained in a very simple manner so that it would be easy for all the users to follow them.