Avast Download - How to Download Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus, the free version, offers the essential security that you need to secure your PC from hackers and digital thieves. Also, it ensures the best anti-malware protection even with the home network scanners by scanning the threats and throwing them away from your systems and networks. If you opt for the Avast Download, it helps you clean up your browser and remove all the annoying plugins. Moreover, the SmartScan feature allows you for a one-click scanning if you have Avast Download.

As a result, the users can easily protect their home network devices, including wireless connections and routers, from sudden hacker attacks.

In other words, we must say that you can protect your Windows or PCs with the best free antivirus of Avast. In this article, we will help you know why you should go for Avast Download and the procedure of downloading it on your desktop.

Why to Have Avast Download?

  • Having Avast Download for free is a great choice for you to protect your systems free of cost. This free antivirus scans your systems to detect possible threats and performance issues. Also, it notifies you about how to fix things instantly.

  • Moreover, it defends you in real-time by analyzing and detecting the unknown files before they reach you. Hence, the users with Avast Download feel relax with this reliable security app. This antivirus is packed with the latest threat-detection features that include password management, home network security, machine learning, and many more.

  • Nowadays, more than 220 million people are using this security app as it uses multiple layers of security that keeps you safe even from new threats.

Avast Download offers various features, including safe software updates, remote assistance, browser cleanup, gaming approach, cyber capture, WiFi inspection, etc.

What is the Free Avast Download Procedure?

You can follow the steps that we have given below to have Avast Download on your desktop or PC.

  • First, proceed to turn on the power of your system.

  • Then, move to any of the web browsers that you like by clicking on the respective icon.

  • Next, go to the navigation bar to begin with the Avast Download process. For this, open the official website of Avast.

  • To continue, visit the page 'www.avast.com.'

  • Hence, input the web address 'https://www.avast.com/en/-us/index' in the navigation bar.

  • After that, tap the enter button from the keyboard.

  • As a result, the Avast official website will display on your system’s screen.

  • Now, the corresponding page will prompt you to choose the operating system of your desktop or PC.

  • Further, you will get a button stating 'download free antivirus.'

  • Hence, proceed to click on that button.

  • Please note that the button will be orange highlighted. It will show up in the middle of the screen.

  • As soon as you hit on the 'download free antivirus' button, it will bring you to the Avast Download official page.

  • Here, you will have to select the correct Avast Download file. Keeps your desktop’s operating system in mind while selecting this.

  • The Mac users will get an option saying 'free download.' Hence, you have to go with that option.

  • This button will display in green color on the top side.

  • Now, wait until the process of Avast Download starts.

  • Soon, you will see that the setup file of Avast will start downloading automatically on your system.

  • However, if the Avast Download does not initiate on its own after 30 seconds of waiting, then hit the 'restart it here' link.

  • As a result, you will find the respective link to follow the prompts.

  • Now, you have to launch the Avast setup file. To do this, double-click on the Avast EXE file. This point applies to Windows users.

  • If you are using the Mac, then you have to click on the DMG file.

  • This way, the setup window will open on the screen.

  • Also, you can get the downloaded files at your system's default download location.

  • By performing the steps, we have provided here will complete the process of Avast Download.

Remember, do not forget to proceed with the installation of the Avast Download setup file that you will find in the default downloading location of your system.

Here we have rounded the process of Avast Download and why you must choose its free version. We hope that this reading will help the readers look for reasons why they must go with the Avast free antivirus versions and the steps to download the same and for other features user can also do Avast Login.