Avast Download - How to Download and Install Avast Antivirus Software?

Avast is famous antivirus software that offers unbeatable security to your devices. People with Avast Download go safe with their online privacy. Also, they get outstanding protection against cyber threats. This cross-platform enables robust internet security for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows users. Also, one can choose paid and free subscriptions of Avast.

Using this antivirus software, the users get strict security for their firewalls, browser, computers, tablets, and phones. Moreover, Avast Download facilitates antispyware, anti-spam, anti-phishing, and many more services.

This writing will educate you about the Avast Download process and the steps to install it on your system. Hence, check out the detailed procedure that we have explained below, and go easy with its download and installation.

Know How to Download and Install Avast Antivirus Software?

We have explained step-by-step instructions to go easy with the process of Avast Download. Hence, make sure you perform each step carefully and correctly to get the result. Check how the process goes:

  • First, turn on your system and go to any of the web browsers that you most like to use. For this, click on its respective item to open the navigation page.

  • Then, move to the search bar to proceed with the process of Avast Download. You have to open its official website here.

  • For this, you will have to visit its official page, which is 'www.avast.com.'

  • Therefore, enter the specific web address 'https://www.avast.com/en/-us/index' in the search bar.

  • After that, push the enter button from your system’s keyboard after you perform the aforementioned step.

  • Now, the Avast official website page will load on the screen.

  • Note, the first page on the Avast website will first collect your system's operating system details as soon as it opens.

  • After you provide the operating system’s detail, you have to find a button stating 'download free antivirus' on the same page.

  • Therefore, proceed to click that button.

  • Remember, the button will highlight in orange color. It will highlight in the middle of the page.

  • As soon as you click on the 'download free antivirus' button, the page will further take you to the Avast Download page.

  • Here, you will have to select the correct Avast Download file as per your computer's operating system.

  • For the Mac users, the option will display 'free download.' Hence, you are suggested to hit that option.

  • Remember, that respective button will show up in green color on the page's top.

  • Further, you will have to wait until the Avast Download process starts.

  • Now, the Avast Download setup file will automatically begin downloading on your system within 5-6 seconds.

  • If the process does not start after 30 seconds of waiting or so, then we suggest the users click on the 'restart it here' link.

  • Remember, you will get the respective link in the middle of the page.

  • Then, open the Avast setup file by double-click on the Avast EXE file. This step applies to Windows users.

  • If you are using the Mac, then you have to select and click on the DMG file.

  • As a result, you will get that the setup window will launch.

  • Look for the downloaded files at your system's default download location.

  • After that, follow the prompts to proceed with the installation of Avast.

Windows Users -

  • Hit the 'yes' option first.

  • Then, tap the green button displaying 'install.'

  • Now, go with the 'continue' button twice to fulfill the installation process.

Mac Users –

  • You have to double-click on the 'Avast security' box icon.

  • Then, hit the option 'continue' twice.

  • Next, the users will have to tap the 'agree' option if it comes on screen.

  • Further, you must click on the 'continue' option again.

  • After that, input the admin password and hit the 'install software' option.

  • Remember, you may have to verify the installation.

Taking help from this piece of information, you can efficiently complete the Avast Download process on your system (PC, Desktop, or Mac). However, we strongly advise not to skip any of the points from the procedures mentioned above. Hence, read the instructions carefully.