About Us

How it all began...

Kiki’s Music School, like anything else, was born out of necessity. As a new parent and recent graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, I needed a way to practice and still earn money. I also saw a need for families that could afford lower prices and a less stressful experience. Given the a reasonable distance I also travel to students.

My mother has always been a teacher and a great resource for me to learn how to work with students of different learning styles. I have even taken on students with autism and elderly who use music as relaxation therapy.

Teaching Philosophy

Music is a gateway to understanding and healing. I love everything about it from the physics of sound to the lasting impression a moment of music can make. My objective for my students is not to make them replicas of the past but to develop musicianship. Rather than teach them a song I give them the skills to understand and express themselves.

I teach music in an integrated fashion so that students draw correlations to its purpose immediately apply their knowledge. When we learn the music alphabets we start with patterns; the rhythmic notation employs addition, subtraction, and fractions; the song form incorporates poetry and language arts; through arranging they learn organization, management, and how to make use of silence; in performance the students learn to listen internally, centrally, and externally, communication, and cooperation, and self expression; in practice they learn self discipline, patience, and what their unique sound is. Music is one of the greatest teaching tools to help refine a student giving the student the transferable tools to be successful in all walks of life is my goal in every lesson.

My students not only learn the interconnected skills but they will also learn the physics of sound, and the science of acoustics. We do demonstrative science projects that reveal the effects of sound waves and vibrations. We also study energy and how performing amplifies our own when performing live.

I love teaching music because it is a gateway to so many opportunities worldwide!