Best Electric Kettles in India 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

An electric kettle is the most basic and the simplest of all the electrical kitchen appliances in your house. The best electric kettles in India are made using the latest technology, and thus provide a great ease of operation. An electrical kettle adds a spark to your bachelor house or your hostel room and even your mom’s kitchen.

It has become an inevitable part of your houses and has also replaced traditional gas stoves for some of you. It has its applications from the simplest of tasks to the most complicated recipes in an Indian household. From boiling water to making Maggi, you can use it for all the simple tasks of your daily routine and save up on your time.

Knowing that buying any new electrical appliance is full of hurdles, especially when you’re buying it for the first time, we have done a lot of research and made you a buying know-it-all for an electric kettle in India. You must know how an electric kettle works and what features are to be looked upon while buying the best electric kettle in India. Here is everything that you need to know before investing in an electric kettle.

How does an Electric Kettle work?

The working of an electric kettle is as easy as it looks like. It depends on the heating up of water that is to be put in the electric kettle. Once the kettle is switched on, it will gradually start to heat up water inside it and the heat thus generated is used in boiling water or eggs.

The basic heating element in an electric kettle is a metal coil which gets heated quite fast and then transfers the heat to its surroundings. It also consists of an automatic shut off system which enables the electric kettle to beep a sound or blink a lit when your water has been boiled.

Factors to look for when buying the Best Kettles in India

Speed of boiling

One of the most important characteristics of a good electrical kettle is the speed of boiling of water. It determines the quality of the kettle. One of the main reasons for someone to buy an electric kettle could be an easy way out to get their morning tea or coffee, and this is where the speed of the kettle being able to boil its water comes into play.

The best electric kettles are better than your microwave or stovetop kettle, because of both their design and mode of working. Most electric kettles from the best electric kettle brands in India boil up their water in about three to four minutes while the others might take up five to ten long minutes. This wastage of time and electricity is not an ideal situation for anyone in this generation.

Therefore it is important that you consider this characteristic very carefully and choose your kettle on the basis of their speed primarily. You must look into what the customers of any particular product have said about the product, instead of just blindly believing in the manufacturer’s word.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of an electric kettle are again important characteristic s that distinguishes between the best and the average electric kettles of India. When it comes to size, there are two main things that you look for, capacity and counter space.

The first being capacity of an electric kettle means how much water it can store in itself at one particular time. It is needless to say that more the capacity of an electric kettle, more desirable it is. Although some people prefer to have a smaller and lesser capacity electric kettle, high capacity electric kettles are still the preferred choice of people in India.

The other concern that comes with size is the counter space. All our kitchens are generally filled with appliances. It is also important to have the appliances in a properly arranged fashion. An electric kettle that does not require as much space as a microwave or an old gas stove, which makes them even more desirable.

It is essential that you note down all your requirements before buying an electric kettle online. The size requirements, the capacity that you will need and the space that you are going to keep it in are all important when it comes to investing in any product online.


Electric kettles are almost noiseless as compared to other kitchen appliances. They only make a beep sound when the water in it is boiled There are electric kettles that make other sounds than the beeping noises which can be annoying to a lot of customers.

Therefore you must choose the electric kettle that makes an appropriate sound that does not annoy you. The beep sound or other such noises are an indication of the water getting boiled, and cannot be avoided. So you better choose the electric kettle with the sound that annoys you the least and doesn’t go for too long when its work is done.

Ease of use

Electric kettles are very easy to use, which becomes one of their most selling points. They have features that are designed in such a way that the user has no problem in using the appliance.

If your requirement is basically to make tea or coffee, you may use the simplest of electric kettles without any temperature control settings or other additional features. If you want your electric kettle for more complex tasks, you must choose an electric kettle from the list of the best electric kettles in India 2018.

Other than that, an electric kettle must have an appropriate cord length or should be cordless or even have a detachable cord. It is generally easier for users to operate this type of electric kettle, which is why they are the most desirable kinds of electric kettles as of now. It also comes with handy features like setting to keep it warm and an auto shut off the system to ensure that there are no accidents.

Body Design

The best kind of electric kettles have the most amazing features and also a great appearance. Since an electric kettle has a lot of applications in your everyday life, it becomes a necessity that it also pleases your eye every time you use it.

Electric kettles are generally built to put their functionality over their appearance, but the best of the best electric kettles look equally well as they perform. An electric kettle’s appearance might not be an important factor for a bachelor to consider while buying an electric kettle for themselves, but is surely an important characteristic to be looked upon by housewives or other family people.

Power and Safety

The best electric kettle in India have many added features and a few of them are an auto shut off the system and single touchable lockable lid. It is important to note the amount of power consumed by your electric kettle. Some electric kettles consume a little amount of power but work amazingly great. These features make them the most desirable electric kettles in India to make Maggi, tea or boil eggs.

Exterior Heat

Traditional stove-top kettles and other traditional kettles are known to generate a lot of heat while they work, and that heat is dissipated into the environment becomes extremely undesirable. Electric kettles generally tend to dissipate a lot less heat than others, which is why people are switching to electric kettles.

This property of an electric kettle to give out very less or no heat at all makes you free from all your worries of accidental burns. It is built using a glass or plastic material which gets heated up a lot less than a metal one.

What are the benefits of an Electric Kettle?

The best electric kettles are built to make your life easier and a lot simpler. You can use an electric kettle for various purposes, and save time while cooking. From morning tea too late night magi, an electric kettle takes care of all the little things. It is a beautifully designed appliance which is easy to carry and be transported. It becomes an ideal necessity for someone who has just started to live away from their homes. Apart from these advantages, an electric kettle has many other advantages as well.

1. Energy and time efficient: An electric kettle boils up its water in just a few minutes and therefore saves both time and energy. Since there is an absolute need to manage time and energy resources, it becomes all the more important to have an electric kettle for yourself.

2. Easy Operation: An electric kettle is the simplest appliance present in your kitchen. Yet, its presence is inevitable as you do all your basic tasks using this little but very useful appliance. All you need to do is fill water in an electric kettle and switch it on by connecting it to the power source, and forget about your task.

3. Automatic shut-down: An automatic shut down system helps to prevent accidents in case the customer forgets to shut off the appliance on time.

4. Precision: While some people are always looking for precision in everything, like people who drink tea always prefer to have their perfect cup of tea, which requires precision and details. Electric kettles are designed to serve absolute perfection when you follow a particular recipe.

Now that you have seen all the features that must be there in the best electric kettles in India and also the best electric kettles brands of India. It would be easier for you to look for your perfect electric kettle from the list of the best kettles in India 2018.

Top 5 Best Electric Kettles in India 2019

1. Philips HD9306-06 1.5 Litre 2400-W Elemental Kettle

Philips is considered as one of the best electric kettle brands in India. They are known to deliver high-quality electric kettles and its newest model is Philips HD9306-06 1.5 Litre 2400-W Elemental kettle. It has a beautiful design. It was given an amazing response by a lot of customers in just the first few months of its release into the market.

It is a versatile kettle with an all-purpose feature and a flexible work range. It comes with an automatic cut-off system that makes it easy for you to prevent accidents, even when you forget about the time that you switched on your appliance.

It is completely made of metal and has plastic handles and lid. But one major drawback of this product is that the length of its power cord is quite small, which makes it very difficult to be operated.

2. Philips 1.7 litre 2400-W Electric Kettle

The latest Philips 1.7 litre 2400-W Concealed Element has come to save your day whenever you need it the most. It is an absolute value for your hard earned money and is now the second best kettle in India.

It has a toughened stainless steel body with a water level indicator that makes it easy to operate it. This product uses a power of 2400 W and therefore is the fastest in boiling water. It is built solely to be user-friendly and have a great impact on their lives.

Some drawbacks of this product are that it might be difficult to clean the product due to its narrow top. Also, it comes with a plastic lid that is not generally preferable by most people.

3. Morphy Richards Instacook Kettle

Your search for the best electric appliance with an amazing look ends with Morphy Richards Instacook. The product has a fully concealed body unit with a removable plastic lid. It has an auto cut-off feature that prevents accidents. It also has a dry boil protection that adds up a layer of protection on the product.

Morphy Richards Instacook works on a 1200W and helps in cooking faster. The only drawbacks of this product are that the thermostat starts at any point of time unexpectedly. The customers have also reviewed that its auto shut off feature creates problems and isn’t efficient enough.

4. Philips HD9303/02 1.2 litre Electric Kettle

Philips HD9303/02 is yet another model from Philips that is solely built to deliver excellent performance. It comes in a smaller yet stylish body design serving both appearance and working quality.

The product has a high-quality steel and plastic material and maintains a temperature inside it at an efficient rate. It comes with an auto-shutoff mechanism that frees you from all the worries for a long time. It uses about 1800 watts of power, that helps it to deliver better in terms of heating up water.

The lid of the product is to be manually opened, and there is no flip open switch which makes it one of the drawbacks of this product. All in all, this product is said to be worth every penny.

5. Orpat OEK-8137 1350-W Cordless Kettle

Orpat is one of the best electric kettle brands in India and has successfully launched its range of highly efficient electric that has won over many customer’s hearts straight away.

Orpat OEK-8137 1350-watt cordless kettle has come to make your life easier at the least possible cost. It is a cordless kettle that also has a very fast heating rate. It is primarily made of a blend of steel and plastic which makes it an amazing looking model.

Some of its drawbacks are that the readings of its water level are inside of the kettle that makes it quite difficult to operate it. Also, it has a very short cable that is not preferred by most customers as it is inconvenient to operate it


We often tend to choose the wrong kind of electric kettles for ourselves by not looking at all the specifications and added features that match our requirements. Buying the same from an online platform makes you choose the right electric kettle by looking and comparing the best electric kettles in India. We hope our research and this list helped you do the same.