CMMS for the Professional

Our software is built to help you manage your fleet of equipment in the most in-depth, professional way possible. Our focus is on providing you not only with information to help you maintain your equipment but with tools to help you make sure that equipment stays running.

Easy to Use

We pride ourselves on making our software easy to use, navigate, and support all to reduce stress on you and your users.

In-depth Information

Our software is designed to provide you, the decision-maker, with the most in-depth information to make those business-critical decisions.


We know not everybody is the same so we work with you to find those solutions that best fit your needs.


We strive to eliminate data islands and bring your data together, especially as it pertains to your CMMS information.

Standard CMMS Modules & More!

We have all the standard modules that all CMMS Modules have. But we don't stop there, we expand on those modules and add more so your CMMS is truly a full maintenance solution. Sure we have repair history, equipment management, etc. But we also have more in-depth modules and reporting features like our "One Call" system and our fully customizable Audit module, to name a few. These modules truly set your organization up for success when it comes to equipment maintenance.

Integrated Mobile Requests

Our ever-expanding mobile application allows your users to perform a multitude of functions, right from the field, in order to streamline your repair processes.

  • Maintenance Postings allow users to fill out equipment status reports whenever needed to request assistance. Pictures can be attached to allow a more thorough planning process so you don't waste time and resources.

  • 100% Customizable Audit program allows users to check in on equipment. Failures can be automatically sent directly to work order requests for repair. Audits also allow for pictures to be attached for further help diagnosing any issues that may come up.

Powerful Maintenance

Nothing slows down your organization's ability to perform it's job than equipment downtime.

Our powerful maintenance programs will help you fully dive into your potential with a fully customizable preventative maintenance program. Schedule your maintenance to occur via a number of different parameters so you can make sure that equipment is always prepared and ready for the next task.

Unmatched Inventory

Our Inventory Module includes Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Requests (from the field as well), Inventory Counter Fulfillment, Inventory Reconciliation, and much more. Our reporting options will make sure that you know where your inventory is going, how much you have on-hand and when you need to order more.

The most in-depth reporting

Data is no good to you unless it turns into information. We spend countless time and effort to help you understand your data and how to help turn it into actionable information. From wrench time % to schedule compliance and everything in between, we are dedicated to providing the absolute best information points to run an unmatched equipment program.

Enhanced Audit Program

Auto-ShopKeeper features and enhanced audit program, fully integrated in the CMMS. Our audit program allows users to create customized questionnaires that will help keep the equipment of your company running at max capacity. Our audit program is designed to help maximize the greatest assets to your organization: vision and knowledge.

Cloud Hosted

Your data is safely hosted in our cloud services so you don't have to worry about backup or data loss. We take on all the worry about your data safety security. Access our hosted servers and use our program on interfaces that you are familiar via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Auto-ShopKeeper - 2023