#USA Teachers for Autism Awareness in Tanzania

Rebecca Billow

Dione Brown

Sarah Dye

Nhatisha Sturgis

Ericka Williams

We are a group of special education teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over 14,000 students in Charlotte receive special education services and many of these children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We entered this field because each of us has a passion to teach and meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable students and to make a difference in the lives of each of them and their families. Our families are very fortunate that we have had access to higher education, specialized training and therapy services to support the individual needs of each student in our classroom.

Recently we have been provided an amazing opportunity to give back and support students and families who are not as fortunate as ours. We will be embarking on a mission trip to Africa to assist families and teachers. Our goal is to provide autism awareness to parents, teachers and community members at Moshi Primary School and KCMC hospital in Tanzania. We are also supporting the teachers and therapy staff at Gede School in Kenya. Autism is a widely unfamiliar disability in Africa. This is where we want to help with filling in the gaps. As educators, we have studied the field of autism extensively and work with children with autism on a daily basis. We have proven to be experts in the field. We are fundraising for the cost of accommodations to provide in person support, classroom/home management and sensory integration support. Any extra funds raised will be used to purchase materials for teachers to keep at the centers.

We are completing this mission trip through HGT Travel Foundation, an official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you would like to contribute to this amazing experience, please go to


We greatly appreciate your generosity and will follow up with a report of our trip including videos and pictures of the children and families we are able to serve.


Rebecca Billow, special education teacher

Dione Brown, special education teacher

Sarah Dye, special education teacher

Nhatisha Sturgis, special education teacher;

Ericka Williams, special education teacher;

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