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Welcome to the (re-located) official website of the Australian T-TRAK group. (Click on the three bars at the top-left to view the sidebar menu)

T-TRAK is a 2-track N scale tabletop modular system. Modules are of simple construction and set-up and train running is easy as there are basically no legs or wires to worry about. The T-TRAK concept relies upon the interlocking qualities of Kato UnitrackĀ®.

The first Australian T-TRAK module was built in 2003 by Andrew George. The first club to build modules was MelbNTrak which displayed them in 2005. By 2008 T-TRAK modules were being built in all States and the ACT.

The Australian T-TRAK Guidelines includes the variations of the T-TRAK specifications to suit Australian conditions (eg metric dimensions) and recommendations for use in Australia. The Guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the T-TRAK specifications. The T-TRAK specifications were created by Lee Monaco-FitzGerald and are available via the Internet from the official T-TRAK Website (refer Resources in the menu).

With the revitalisation of T-TRAK-HO in Australia, the T-TRAK in Australia media forums now cover both N and HO scales. They are T-TRAK in Australia Group and T-TRAK in Australia Facebook.

I hope that you will enjoy T-TRAK. If you have any questions, just post them to the forums mentioned above.

Andrew George (National Coordinator)

(Last update to this site: 13-Jul-2020)