Austin Alexander Burridge


Austin Alexander Burridge is a professional fitness guru and personal trainer from Columbia, South Carolina. A healthy lifestyle has always been at the core of Austin’s values, and his focus on implementing a well-balanced diet with an adequate amount of exercise is a passion he imparts onto his clients as well. When he is away from the gym, Austin Alexander Burridge can be found hiking outdoors with his two dogs and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Personal training

Austin Alexander Burridge is a certified personal trainer and an avid enthusiast of living a balanced life with healthy eating habits and a well-rounded exercise regime.


As a native South Carolinian, Austin still resides in Columbia, SC, and has helped usher in a wave of change to the perception of nutritious and flavorful eating.


Austin volunteers his time in schools and recreation centers around South Carolina to educate young adults about the importance of regular exercise and wholesome nutrition.