Welcome to AUMC

Seek, Grow, Serve and Live

Seek God and others, Grow in Christ, Serve our community and Live for God

Trunk or Treat

For All Children in the Community

Wednesday, October 25th

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Decorated Trunks and lots of Treats!

We welcome you to the Aurora United Methodist Church here at 1211 S. Carnation Dr., Aurora, Missouri with Pastor Kathy Osiel.

We invite you to come to know us through this website and visit us to come to know our church, our people, personally.

We have a passion for helping others with our ultimate goal being "To make new disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Pastor’s Bible Study, Sundays at 6:30pm

October 15th thru November 19th

Pastor Kathy will lead a Bible Study on the Book of Micah that will focus on the ways that Micah reproaches unjust leaders, defends the rights of the poor against the rich and powerful and while looking forward to a world at peace. All you need to bring to this study is your Bible and you!

AUMC Linked to Life Groups

Linked2Life Small Groups are now available in TWO sizes: Our original L2L groups (8 – 12 people)and now MINI-GROUPS! In Action and You Are Invited!

FORMING GROUPS (is simple) -Pick one person you would enjoy, then the two of you Pick a third person, and there’s your MINI-GROUP!

MEETINGS- Any place-Any time, for as long as you decide and as Often as you wish!


1) Share our life

2) Bible Study

3) Needs of the church

4) Community ministries

BIBLE STUDY- You may choose church study materials or yours. We Have a large variety of Bible Studies in different Formats.

HOW WE GROW- At some point, a group may wish to invite a friend (Maybe from outside our church?). Perhaps two Or three will start a second group. People can easily Start their own totally new group. MANY GROUPS ARE NEEDED.


Growing in one’s personal Faith.

Meeting and enjoying others of like mind.

Opportunity to join others to meet greater needs.

Networking for both social and business advancement.

Pick up more information at the Information Station in The LOBBY of the Aurora United Methodist Church OR call Cathy Woodcock, 417-693-2539; or Marsha Egan, 417-459-3394

Worship Service Videos

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