Vortex 2

Aureal developed the AU8830 ASIC nearly two decades ago

The AU8830 ASIC has some pretty amazing specs for its release in 1998

  • 16-bit 48kHz operation
  • S/PDIF output (32/44.1/48/96kHz Sample Rates)
  • Hardware DMA (96 Primary buffers, 288 Sub)
  • Hardware Mixers (32 Channels, 16 Outputs)
  • Hardware CrossTalk Cancellation
  • Hardware HRTF Engine (56-Tap @48kHz)
  • Hardware Sample Rate Conversion (5kHz to 192kHz, 80 Channels)
  • Hardware WaveTable Engine (64 Channels)
  • Hardware Equalizer (20 Channel, 10-band)
  • Hardware Assisted Legacy Audio Support
  • Supports Addon Boards for Offloading DSP effects
  • Multiple I/O ports for additional hardware, I2S, I2C, Modem, GamePort, MPU-401

The AU8830 was designed primarily to accelerate their new A3D 2.0 API

it however is not a geometry processor and does not accelerate WaveTracing in hardware

instead WaveTracing is done on the CPU by hand optimized assembler code

what the AU8830 does do is offer many hardware buffers for the reflections and can offload some processing effects on those channels, like Pitch change, Doppler shifts, and Sample Rate Conversion, also it can apply HRTF to these channels for 3D panning