Vortex 1

The AU8820 was Aureals first audio PCI accelerator released in 1997

The AU8820 ASIC has some nice specs for its release in 1997

  • 16-bit 48kHz operation
  • S/PDIF output (32/44.1/48/96kHz Sample Rates)
  • Hardware DMA (32 Primary buffers, 16 Sub)
  • Hardware Mixers (32 Channels, 16 Outputs)
  • Hardware CrossTalk Cancellation
  • Software HRTF Engine (25-Tap @22kHz)
  • Hardware Sample Rate Conversion (4th-8th order interpolation)
  • Hardware WaveTable Engine (32 Channels)
  • Hardware Assisted Legacy Audio Support
  • Supports Addon Boards for Offloading DSP effects
  • Multiple I/O ports for additional hardware, I2S, I2C, Modem, GamePort, MPU-401

The AU8820 only supports accelerating A3D 1.0 and offers no real benefits since the release of its successor the AU8830 Vortex 2 ASIC