Mission Statement

Aureal's mission is to target the end user's listening experience as the final criterion of success. The following three goals are central to our success in achieving this mission:

  1. By targeting the user's listening experience as the final criterion of success, rather than following current technology trends to cost-reduce existing standards, we will be able to create new product opportunities and set the digital audio standards of the future.
  2. By using innovative techniques and leading edge audio technologies to improve the performance, quality and functionality of digital audio subsystems we will bring those new standards to the market place with highly competitive hardware and software solutions that offer next generation audio features at current cost targets.
  3. The foundation of our success in creating these products is based on bringing together, nurturing and expanding highly talented individuals who are driven to continuously create the best in the field of digital audio


Applications for Aureal's digital audio technology include PCs (and PC-related products), consumer devices (such as TVs and Home Theater Systems) and sound studios (for music and film producers). Improvements in integrated-circuit integration make it possible for these systems to contain far better audio quality and functionality than previously possible. No other company has focused on fully realizing the potential of new generations of audio experiences and equipment offered by faster, cheaper, smaller and more complex semiconductors and associated software algorithms. Specifically, Aureal is targeting the following areas for its first generation of products:

  • Two-speaker virtual surround sound systems for home theater and DVD solutions that eliminate the need of a five speaker setup.
  • PCI audio acceleration including advanced music synthesis for the next generation of PC audio sub-systems.
  • Industry pioneering positional 3D audio technology for use in interactive applications such as video games or 3D web sites.
  • 3D audio mixing and development tools for sound studios to use in movie and video game soundtracks and music production.


For each of these application areas, Aureal plans to set the industry standards for future audio platforms. By establishing new standards to meet the growing demand for quality and increased functionality, Aureal leads the industry into the future of 3D audio, interactive audio and music synthesis solutions. To help realize the broad adoption of industry standards, Aureal provides licenses to certain of their digital audio technologies to accelerate product development, and works closely with audio developers and producers to build the tools necessary to take optimal advantage of new audio capabilities.

Setting future performance standards is a long term objective, but Aureal recognizes the importance of maintaining short-term profitability to meet that objective. To that end, Aureal is moving aggressively to achieve "design wins" and gain market share for its initial products.