Aureals Products

At the beginning of 1997, Aureal released its first products. Many additional products are in active development. See the Product Summary for an overview of Aureals current product offerings.

Software Licensing

  • A3D 1.0 - Binary and source code licenses for A3D technology

Manufacturing Kits

  • 901REF - Manufacturing kit for an A3D 2-speaker virtual surround system

Evaluation Kits

  • EVM901 - Pro Logic virtual surround sound evaluation board
  • 321Kit - Karaoke processor (Version "A")

Semiconductor Devices

  • AU8820 - "Vortex 1" PCI-based AC'97 Digital Audio Accelerator
  • AU8830 - "Vortex 2" PCI-based AC'97 Digital Audio Accelerator
  • VSP901 - A3D Dolby Pro Logic virtual surround processor
  • ASP301 - Music and effects processor