Aureals History

The following was copied from the original website:

Aureal is an unusual company in that it provides a unique combination of a start-up company atmosphere with the stable background of an established, publicly traded high-tech firm. Aureal was founded in late 1995 on the infrastructure of Media Vision, a PC sound board and multimedia upgrade kit provider.

In early 1996, Aureal sold off all Media Vision trade marks and product lines, and shifted into startup mode to begin development of several next generation digital audio semiconductor devices.

In mid 1996, Aureal acquired Crystal River Engineering, a recognized pioneer and leading developer of three-dimensional audio technology, creating an exciting merger of CRE’s world-class 3D audio algorithm software with Aureal’s leading semiconductor design and music synthesis capabilities.

In late 1996, Aureal introduced its first two products, the VSP901 Virtual ProLogic Surround Sound Processor, and the ASP301 Music and Karaoke Processor.

In July of 1997 Aureal announced the availability of its new PCI audio acceleration and A3D chipset, Vortex. Vortex offers the most complete solution available to OEMs to enable their transition to the PCI bus and take advantage of next-generation features. Many companies have chosen Vortex as their audio system and will be introducing retail customers to the benefits Vortex delivers as early as Q4 1997.

Additionally, Aureal has made much progress in setting the positional 3D audio standard for future PC platforms by licensing its A3D Interactive audio technology to several leading PC audio manufactures (including Diamond Multimedia, S3, Cirrus Logic, Rockwell International, Analog Devices and Oak Technology) and by signing up dozens of world-class game and Internet software developers to support the A3D standard (including top names such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Psygnosis, LucasArts, Acclaim, GT Interactive, and Interplay).